Long-time teacher fired for giving zeros to students who failed to hand in their homework

Diane Tirado is a teacher of eighth-grade students in St. Lucie, Florida. Unfortunately, Diane got fired, but the reason why is going viral for the wrong reasons.

Diane says she was fired while still in her probationary period for giving zero to some students who didn’t turn their homework.

Tirado’s students had two weeks from the date the project was assigned until the date the project was due. On the due date, a number of students in Tirado’s class turned in nothing for the assignment.

The longtime teacher says it was at this time she learned the school policy restricted children for being given zeros for assignments.
“Teaching is a calling for me,” she said to WPTV.

In fact, Tirado shows the section in the school policy guidelines that mandate students can receive a grade no lower than fifty.

Tirado says she was confused by the policy and reached out to a school administrator regarding the matter. The administrator confirmed students must be given a minimum grade of fifty even when they turned in no work for an assignment.

“I’m so upset because we have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real,” Tirado said.

Diane Tirado decided she would not adhere to the policy and expressed her feelings that grades should be earned.

She was fired not long after the decision to give the students who turned in no work a zero for the assignment.

However, since she was still in her probationary status no reason for the termination was required. Tirado believes she was terminated for requiring students to earn their grades

Diane says she was not allowed to say goodbye to her students.

But while packing up her things from the classroom she was sure to leave them a handwritten note saying goodbye. The teacher also reminded them that she loved them.

Many students have shown their report for Tirado and messages left to the teacher have been shared many times on social media.

A statement from the school explained Diane Tirado was fired for her poor performance of job duties. However, no specific job duties were mentioned.

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