A woman has confessed to enduring ‘crippling anxiety’ for months after facing online attacks from thousands of strangers regarding a post where she declared she was ‘never married’ and had ‘no kids’ at age 37, alongside a euphoric solo-travel montage.

Emily Hart, now 38, has been a content creator for the past decade, using her Instagram feed to display the highlights of her solo adventures as a woman.

Despite occasional trolling, Emily had grown accustomed to generally positive feedback over the years.

Thus, she was utterly unprepared for the avalanche of venomous backlash that greeted a joyous photo compilation of her journeys, posted in October. The image featured a text overlay stating: ‘Age 37. Never married. No kids.’

Emily Hart, now 38, has been a content creator for the past decade, with her focus on encouraging women to embrace 'solo' travel

Emily Hart, currently 38, has dedicated the past ten years to content creation, primarily focusing on empowering women to engage in ‘solo’ travel.

However, she admitted that her confidence was 'rattled' after 'months' of vitriolic backlash to a euphoric photo-montage in which she declared: 'Age 37. Never married. No kids'

Nevertheless, she conceded that her confidence took a significant blow after enduring ‘months’ of vehement backlash to a euphoric photo montage where she proclaimed: ‘Age 37. Never married. No kids.’

Following the subsiding of the harrowing feedback, Emily authored an essay recounting the traumatic ordeal for Today.

She elaborated that initially, she intended to accompany the brief video post, lasting less than 10 seconds, with a ‘lengthy caption.’ This caption was to detail, among other things, her unplanned trajectory of remaining unmarried and childless in her late 30s, emphasizing her resolve to live life without waiting for external factors.

“However, after a glass of wine at the airport lounge, I had a change of heart and decided against over-explaining myself (famous last words, right?), opting instead for a simple caption: ‘Just livin’ life. Very happily,'” she explained.

The following morning, Emily awoke to find her post had been disseminated to the algorithmically-driven social feeds of ‘millions’ of Instagram users, resulting in an influx of hurtful comments.

“The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of hurtful comments per hour,” she recounted. These comments, predominantly from men but also from women, often included Bible verses and purported kindness in their bios, yet were replete with variations of ‘you will die alone’ and ‘no one wants you anyway.’

Emily noted the hypocrisy of many commenters, who harbored animosity towards her based on assumptions about her life. A prevalent theme among the comments was the assertion that she would ‘die alone,’ alongside mockery of her appearance and disparaging remarks about her life’s fulfillment.

“One comment succinctly captured the sentiment: ‘No kids, not married, and 37, just a big child with no responsibility and never done anything useful, pathetic cow,'” she shared.

Emily pointed out that many of the most cruel responses came from 'primarily men, but also women, many with Bible verses and "kindness" in their bios'
Emily highlighted that a significant portion of the harshest reactions originated from ‘mainly men, but also women, often with Bible verses and claims of “kindness” in their bios’.
A huge number of comments boiled down to the same general message of, 'You'll die alone,' Emily described

Emily described how a substantial volume of comments essentially conveyed the same overarching message: ‘You’ll end up alone.’

“A pity. There’s something not right with her,” remarked a second individual.

“Yet another attempting to assert her inner happiness,” seethed a third.

Even to this day, she continues to receive vicious messages and emails mocking various aspects of her appearance and lifestyle.

“For months following the post, I felt on edge whenever I opened Instagram. The platform, which constitutes a significant portion of my livelihood, had transformed into something I dreaded,” Emily confessed. She later confided in a mentor, expressing her belief that she was undergoing a ‘crisis of confidence.’

“However, I soon came to realize that the feeling I had attempted to downplay as simply being ‘on edge’ was far more profound—it was debilitating anxiety and, in hindsight, depression.

“I struggled to sleep for months, experienced digestive issues, low energy, panic attacks, bursts of anger, and my skin began to break out.

“I noticed weight gain and found myself seeking excuses to remain indoors and isolate myself. Initially attributing it to the winter season and the lack of sunlight, I eventually recognized that it wasn’t the absence of sun—I had reached a breaking point,” Emily confessed.

Emily admitted that, while the response threw her into a state of 'depression,' she's since come out the other side and can 'realize the positives' of the viral post

Emily acknowledged that while the response initially plunged her into a state of ‘depression,’ she has since emerged from it and is now able to ‘acknowledge the positives’ of the viral post.
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