Transforming Ego Into Soul In 6 Easy Steps

We live in an egocentric society where every one of us has become a victim due to our ego-attachment to these perspectives. When we learn to transform Ego into Soul we leave the state of instability and enter the state of impeccability. These tips will offer you the way to this transformation.

  • 1. Expand Your Boundaries

Set a goal and go beyond it. We set goals to remind ourselves to keep moving forward. The goal constantly moves and we move with it. Life is the journey to reach that goal. However, you have the ability to keep moving and growing as you journey through this life. Even the great Masters know that learning never ends.

  • 2. Subsume Nature

Think about the winds of change… nothing ever remains the same. The only thing that is permanent is nature changing. When we absorb nature we become a part of nature and change right along with her. A healthy existence depends on you having an openness to change.

Instead of looking in a mirror and thinking about our own pretty face, we should be using the cosmos as a reflection of that face. We are a part of everything, we should be seeing life that way. Once we are able to join our higher and lower beings into one, we will unite our conscious with all.

  • 3. Question and Verify

Life is best lived when you let go of certainty. Nothing in life is for certain… there is always room for doubt. Always ask questions, and engage in dialog about subjects such as religion, nationalism, racism, or sexuality. Verify what you find irrational by constantly questioning those who can provide the answers.

  • 4. Build Your Sublime Reputation

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. The best way to do this is to seek out your current life and absorb it; but while you go through the process of living your life, forget about it and just live it. You might be chasing tails in the daily rat race of life, but you can still grasp the positive and simply live your life.

Think to yourself, “There is nothing I cannot do.” When you realize that this is the truth of life then you can begin to build your sublime reputation. When someone tells you that you something can’t be done, you go out and prove them wrong. Help your fellow man in need, whether he be rich or poor. Inspire awe through your daily actions; spread love and courage as you break free from Ego’s prison.

  • 5. Create a Monster

Life is filled with controversies that harden our egos. The best way to decalcify the ego and magnify the soul is by creating art that rejuvenates your soul and is cathartic for your ego.

Art is alive and subsumes those who create. Through creative expression we are able to create and then free our monsters on glorious wings. Allow yourself to make mistakes, that is what creating is all about. Don’t be afraid to create your monster and scare people with it. The job of an artist is to take people out of their comfort zone and bring them to another level of thinking. Throw away the status quo and be your own person.

  • 6. Inhabit the World

How many times have you walked around and smiled at people, and they smiled back? Probably thousands. Just as one candle can light thousands, so, too, can one smile ignite thousands more.

There is a interconnection between all living things, each of us with a need for empathy. We are social beings who need each other. Each of us has the ability to learn to walk a mile in someone’s shoes, or help build a greater society. Once we reach this level we will have wisdom to be reckoned with.

Empathy will shrink or expand in direct proportion to your vulnerability. It is okay to be vulnerable, because you are in a state where you can receive new information without any fears of the changes, for changes will happen. Embrace the change, for all of us.


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