Top Nine Ways You Can Spot a Narcissist

According to the American Psychiatric Association, narcissist personality disorder is a pervasive pattern that lacks empathy, grandiosity and the constant need for admiration. It tends to begin in early adulthood and is presented in a variety of contexts.

A simple way to define a narcissist is the obsession with everything that is related to self-importance. If you do research on the condition, you will find several symptoms. They include egoism, self-absorption, self-love, self-regard, conceit, self-admiration, vanity. Everything is just about them.

However, the one thing that narcissists are not is self-revealing. Many narcissists tend to display their fondness of self-everything, it is made obvious with the consistent self-talk. When such dialogue is not taking place, you can see a narcissist trying to grab the attention of others when possible.

A better understanding of what constitutes this kind of personality disorder is the first step you could take in identifying a narcissist. The following nine pointers are what you need to look out for.
1. They envy others, or they believe that they are to be envied by others
The undercover narcissists also referred to as UCs, are very skillful in refraining from behaviors that would display them as jealous or envious of others. Thus, a UCs would instead reveal their envious nature with the use of sarcasm or another cleverer form of cryptic dialogue. It has also been found to be common in finding slyer narcissists furrowing their brows, glaring or other behaviors while they are not communicating their underlying envy of an individual.

2. They have an exaggerated self-importance
Most of the UCs you will come across tend to possess some undeserving sense of self-importance. To them, they believe that they are superior; they feel they are a perfect genetic arrangement that has been presented to the world. However, the UCs might not be very forward with this kind of behavior, but watch out it will surface soon.

3. They are preoccupied with status symbols
A UC is very obsessive with status symbols, any symbol you can think of they are already obsessing about it. It is from fame, money, beauty, success, intelligence, fortune, power; you name it. For a UC, a status symbol is very symbolic in identifying the worth of a human being.

4. They require constant admiration from people
A UC needs to feel they are constantly assured, you could call them attention hogs, or just want to be the center of the attention, but this is important to them. If they change their wardrobe and you did not notice the new clothes, well the UC will ensure they nudge your attention to the new outfit. If you did not hear about their new promotion, do not worry you will be informed of everything, even the pay rise.

5. They often take and give very little
Well, this is not a surprise. A UC character is to be a taker in every imaginable sense. They will take your time asking for a favor you are sure they will never return. Alternatively, they could borrow something, like money and never return it to you.

6. They have no empathy
Most individuals tend to possess at least some sense of innate caring for other people, the difficulties that they are facing and even their situations. It is something that is inbuilt within our genetic code that allows our brain to experience what another person may be going through. However, a UC does not seem to possess this kind of genetic combination.

7. They display an elite status
A UCs crave to have a status symbol, accompanied by an extreme view of self-importance, thus, it makes it natural for the UC to think of themselves among the elite. Additionally, as UCs believe they have a flawless nature, therefore, only those individuals who have similar status are worthy of their precious time. The rest of the individuals in the community are viewed on the same lines as a serf.

8. They have a very strong sense of entitlement
So let me ask a quick question, what does our beautiful world revolve around? Well, the sun definitely and let’s not forget the narcissists. When you look at a UCs world, they believe that everything revolves around them, this includes time, events and even the people, just to name a few. Thus, all these factors must be willing to accommodate them in fulfilling their specific needs and wants.

9. They show a lot of arrogance and haughtiness
It is also not a big surprise after reading through the above points. Every inward or outward motive of a narcissist has been tied around arrogance and superiority. The degree that a UC will display such behaviors is individualistic, but most of them succumb to their inner attitudes and let the arrogance be known.


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