Top 13 Things To Squeeze Again In Your Agenda

In this day and age, it seems that a lot of people are getting lost every day in their schedules.They follow the same routine over and over again; therefore,they get lost in them and thus forget to do many meaningful things that they used to do in the past (below).

Top Fifteen Things to Squeeze Again in Your Agenda

Talking to People without the Need of a High-Tech Device

If one thinks about it, hugging someone through a smartphone is not possible. When people eat, they tend to not want to leave their high-tech devices in their pockets, as they want to be ‘connected’ with people, but a connection is never at its peak if people are not face-to-face.

Make Time for Yourself

It is important to take extra time off your schedule to relax, meditate, soak up the sun, exercise, take naps, and to integratea healthier diet to your routine. Treating yourself as much as you can is the key to living in peace within.

Take a Vacation

How often do you vacation? If you haven’t vacationed in a very long time due to having a tight budget, it is important that you remember that you can always find cheap deals on different online sites. Life is not all about work, work, and more work. Make sure you create some memories so that you can look back at your life ten years from now with joy.

Bring out Your Inner Child

Remember to not take life so seriously. Do things that you enjoyed doing when you were a teenager, such as skating, walking in the park, eating pizza at Chuckie E. Cheese, and etc.

Reconnect with Mother Nature

Life is not inside. Life is outside. It is important that you go outside every day to enjoy the fresh air and Mother Nature. If you stay indoors all the time, you will end up regretting it, as loss time never comes back.

Spend Time with Relatives

A lot of people often opt to just phone their relatives every now and then, especially if it is their birthdays or any other important date, but you are blood; therefore, you and your relatives should come together even in days when there is nothing to celebrate.

Read Real Books

Go to the public library and actually grab a book that you can touch with your hands instead of a book that can only be read through a high-tech device. You will get a better feeling when you hold a book in your hands and thus you will attain a superior experience.


Instead of eating out, how about you cook? It doesn’t have to be something mind-blowing. It can be a simple sandwich. Don’t get used to eating out all the time. Cooking something in your house can bring good memories, such as when your mother used to cook for you when you were a child.

Browse Old Photo Albums

Get your physical photo albums to look at photos instead of opting to view photos on your smartphone. Sit down with your loved one(s) and began to browse your albums. You will attain a great feeling from doing so.

Lie Down and Enjoy Yourself

Life is not always about doing something. Instead of always complaining, explaining, rushing, exerting, moving, and/or striving, just sit down from time to time and don’t worry about normal human activities for as much as you can.

Keep a Diary

Forget about your iPad, keep a real diary that requires a pen to fill in. Make sure to write about how your day went before you go to sleep. After a year, go ahead and read it, and you will realize all the things that you did in a year.

Go Get a Real Camera

Instead of opting for a digital camera, opt for a 90s-like camera, such as the ones from the Polaroid brand, which allow the photos to instantly ooze out. You will be able to have a physical copy of your memories rather than having them digitally.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

Never make the mistake of taking your loved ones for granted. Remember, today we are here, tomorrow nobody knows.

By: Frances Luna


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