Top 10 Things You Need to Do to Help People with Anxiety

Many people in the United States and across the world suffer from different forms of anxiety disorders. Roughly 18.1% of people aged 18 years and above have anxiety in the United States alone and this equates to approximately 40 million people. Understanding the daily experiences of anxiety patients is difficult if you have never suffered from the condition. Anxiety can hugely affect different aspects of someone’s life. Unfortunately, in some cases, treatment does not eliminate the symptoms.

The good news is that you can help people suffering from anxiety through the following ten ways:

1. Calm Them During Panic Attacks
Panic attacks can feel terrifying. Simply hug them until the attack is over. Do not be in a rush to leave them even when it passes. Transfer them from the stressful environment to a quieter place. Fix them something to eat or drink if they need it.

2. Understand That You Are Different From Them
For someone with anxiety, doing normal things such as visiting the grocery store or talking on the phone can feel like a hard tasks. Their minds tend to overthink a lot of things. It helps to always be there to comfort them through such situations.

3. Cheer Them Up By Focusing On Happy Memories Only
People with anxiety are often frazzled and over-stressed by their thoughts. One great way to distract them from this is to help them focus more on uplifting thoughts and listening to stories on happy times.

4. Always Be On The Lookout For Signs Of A Looming Panic Attack
Some of the signs that point out to an impending anxiety attack include:

  • A flushed face
  • Shaky legs or hands
  • Shallow and uneven breathing
  • An overall nervous demeanor

If you notice any of these signs, try your best to be as available as you can. It helps people with anxiety feel relieved. A cold towel on the head also soothes and cools them down.

5. Notify Them about Your Plans
People with anxiety are not into surprises. Therefore, in case you have plans with them, give them as much information as you can about your plans.

6. Avoid Questioning Their Anxiety Or Putting Them Down
Avoid saying tactless or condescending things about their condition. Instead, ask them questions in a nice and gentle way to gain some understanding.

7. Try Different Activities To Help Them Calm Down
Be creative when it comes to activities. Here are some of the things that can help ease their anxiety:

  • Playing with animals
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Doing crafts
  • Exercising
  • Getting outdoors

8. Show You Care By Regularly Checking On Them
A person with anxiety often feels anxious and confused. When you are not around them, simply call or text a couple of times, to show that you care.

9. Invite Them To Idle With You For Sometime
Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world to a relaxing environment is one of the best ways to help a person with anxiety.

10. Never Make Them Feel Weird Or Abnormal
Since they are warriors every day of their life, make them feel appreciated and loved unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Often, people with anxiety feel misunderstood or alienated because a huge percentage of people without anxiety frequently make incorrect assumptions about them. By doing the above ten things, you can assist them to not only feel better, but also make their lives easier.


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