How To Successfully Live Through A Spiritual Shift

There’s an extreme spiritual shift underway, and many of us are experiencing it. If you’ve been experiencing some extreme lows and highs, and it feels like they’re all happening at the same time, then you’re could be a participant in this general shift.

It’s all about spiritual awakening, and there’s nothing to suggest that it’s any easy. The whole transition is somewhat difficult to relate to, but if you’re experiencing it, then you can confirm and learn about your progress by watching out for the following signs that reveal themselves whenever someone is undergoing a spiritual shift:

1. You Start Revealing Heavy and Conflicting Emotions

Contrary to the popular belief, spiritual awakening doesn’t happen suddenly. You don’t just wake up one day and find yourself more enlightened than you were the previous day yesterday. Rather, it’s a slow karmic process that takes time to take root, with many emotional fluctuations that give you an opportunity to sort out any of your past experiences that might hinder your progress, and then you can move forward to more enlightenment once you’ve dealt with all the negative energies.

2. You Want To Stay Away From Toxic Substances And Relationships

You realize that you can only function better with less hindrance, so you seek to quit any harmful habits like drugs and unfavorable relationships. You don’t want to be too deep into technology, food, drugs or people that only consume your energy and weigh you down.

3. You Lose Interest In Your Surroundings

At this point, you’re more interested in yourself than in other things or people. If you used to go to restaurants, banks or grocery stores, you stop it. You lose interest in material items and instead become more attracted to nature and your own creativity.

4. You Want More Time With Yourself

You realize that being around people with whom you don’t interact much drains your energy, so you want to keep more to yourself and get to know yourself better. You want to create a closer relationship with your inner self, so you take your time to explore your interests and creativity alone. If this is happening to you, then that’s a definite ringer for a spiritual shift.

5. You Feel Like Everything Is Happening All At Once

Most people will call it coincidence, but it’s actually a hidden force of awakening at play. At this stage, you start experiencing what we call “synchronizations.” This mostly involves numbers and perfect timing. For example, you may start running into synchronized numbers from time to time. Examples could be clock numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 01:01, etc. You could even start thinking of a song you like, and then it immediately starts playing on your Radio. These situations are a direct result of your angel’s and spirit guide’s intervention to let you know that you’re on the correct path for enlightenment.

Synchronicity can happen in many various interesting ways, and you’ll get to experience all that as we move on towards the ultimate enlightenment.

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