How To Stop Being A Control Freak & Finally Surrender

In order to maintain balance and a peaceful state of mind it is important for us to remember that, although we are independent beings, we are also influenced by the environment that surrounds us. To prevent life becoming stressful or complicated we need to maintain a healthy relationship with the world around us and avoid the belief that the world only exists for our personal gain.
By respecting that you are a small part of a world that has been evolving for billions of years and that you have a part to play in that bigger picture, life can become far simpler. By recognizing the reality of each moment and judging what you can do to make a more positive outcome making life decisions become much easier.
By simply changing your thought pattern to “what can I do to add to this moment” instead of, “what is in this moment for me to use” life becomes a far easier journey to negotiate.
This way of thinking is often referred to as the ‘Path of surrender’ which can often be misunderstood as a term for releasing your control over your own live, however this is untrue and it simply means the process of letting go of your inner constraints and allowing yourself to interact freely with the world instead of in isolation to the things that are around you.
Walking the path of surrender means that you go out into the world without allowing negative emotions such as fear or self doubt to hold you back and really embracing what the world has to offer. Some people feel this is a very passive way of thinking where you are unable to defend yourself against others, but this is a misconception, it simply enables you to confront issues in a more positive and caring way, helping you to connect with the environment around your on a far deeper level.
By simply accepting that we are part of a natural order that goes on around us regardless of our actions helps us to recognize the limited power and control we really hold over what is around us, and makes it possible for us to understand what a small part each of us really play.
Everyday amazing things happen within our universe that we hold no individual power over, planets orbit, plants grow and many different scientific processes naturally occur, reflecting on these facts can help us see that life will carry on the same regardless of what we do.
We even have this lack of control within our own bodies, our internal organs are constantly performing essential functions to keep us alive that we are barely conscious of, however if one of these functions stop our bodies shut down.
However as humans, although we can recognize our lack of control over the world it is still within our nature to try and change things and make them how we want them to be. Although we are content to let the universe carry on around us without paying a lot of thought to what we can’t see, we still often have the desire to force change to things that are in our immediate environment.
By understanding that the universe is simply passing before and letting go of the perception that you are central to that is the basis of the surrender path, accepting what unfolds instead of holding personal judgement.
Recognizing that we are part of what happens instead of at the center of it helps us to view life with a far healthier perceptive, and allowing us to let things run their natural course, helping to reduce the weight that we impose on ourselves by trying to control every situation that we encounter.
By letting go of preconceived ideas, such as like and dislikes or judgement of others, and experiencing life with a totally open mind we are more able to see the positives within situations and embrace what life has to offer. By going deep within ourselves and setting our personal prejudices free we are able to create a balanced and peaceful state of mind.
By accepting that we are not the creator of life but a part of life itself, we begin to be able to fulfill our dreams by recognizing that we need to interact with the universe instead of seeking to control.
Living a life of surrender and letting go of things you can’t control means that we look for ways to improve and add to situations instead of seeking to completely change them, by doing this with respect and love you will ensure that love and light flow freely around you and others will look to you with respect and trust.

Rebecca Page

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