A Texas teenager faces accusations of driving under the influence after allegedly causing a fatal collision by driving into oncoming traffic, resulting in the tragic loss of a family of six the day following Christmas.

Luke Garrett Resecker, 18, displayed a grin in his new mugshot as he was formally charged with six counts of intoxication manslaughter. Investigators claim he was under the influence of THC, the active component in marijuana, at the time of the incident. Additional charges against him include intoxication assault, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana, as reported by Law and Crime.

The devastating crash claimed the lives of Rushil Barri, 28; Nageswararao Ponnada, 64; Sitamahalakshmi Ponnada, 60; Naveena Potabathula, 36; Krithik Potabathula, 10; and Nishidha Potabathula, 9. A seventh victim, Lokesh Potabuthala, 43, sustained severe injuries but managed to survive the ordeal. The family, originally from India, had been visiting relatives in Texas at the time of the tragedy.

Luke Garrett Resecker, 18, grinned in a new mugshot image as he was arraigned on six counts of intoxication manslaughter over a December 26 crash that killed a family-of-six
Luke Garrett Resecker, aged 18, wore a smirk in his latest mugshot during his arraignment on six charges of intoxication manslaughter related to a December 26th collision that resulted in the deaths of a family of six.
Lokesh Potabathula, 43, (at the back, yellow T-shirt) was the sole survivor of the crash. He lost his wife Naveena Potabathula, 36 (second right); her parents Nageswararao Ponnada, 64 (second left); and Sitamahalakshmi Ponnada, 60 (front); and his children, Krithik Potabathula, 10 (far right), and Nishidha Potabathula, 9 (far left), in addition to his cousin

Lokesh Potabathula, 43, (pictured at the rear in a yellow T-shirt) emerged as the only survivor of the tragedy. He tragically lost his wife, Naveena Potabathula, 36 (second from the right); her parents, Nageswararao Ponnada, 64 (second from the left), and Sitamahalakshmi Ponnada, 60 (at the front); as well as his children, Krithik Potabathula, 10 (far right), and Nishidha Potabathula, 9 (far left), along with his cousin.

Rushil Barri, 28, was driving the family in his Honda Odyssey home from a day out at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center when they were struck and killed in a head-on collision

Rushil Barri, aged 28, was behind the wheel of his Honda Odyssey, transporting the family back home from a visit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center when their vehicle was tragically struck head-on, resulting in their untimely demise.

Resecker was allegedly driving under the influence of THC when his white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck veered into oncoming traffic and collided with the family's minivan

It is purported that Resecker was operating his white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck while under the influence of THC, causing it to swerve into the opposing lane of traffic and collide with the family’s minivan.

On December 26, 2023, during the unfolding of the crash, Resecker was driving his white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck along US 67 with a companion. Authorities reported discovering marijuana and a marijuana vape pen inside the vehicle. Additionally, a blood test allegedly yielded positive results for THC.

Allegedly, Resecker crossed the double yellow line of an undivided highway, leading to a head-on collision with the family’s Honda Odyssey minivan. Despite the family’s attempt to evade his path, they were unable to avoid the collision in time, resulting in a highway impact.

Reportedly, Resecker’s passenger was not wearing a seatbelt at the time but survived the crash and was airlifted to a hospital. Similarly, the minivan’s lone survivor, Lokesh Potabuthala, was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt; however, no passengers were ejected from either vehicle.

Helicopter rescue teams transported the survivors to nearby hospitals, including Resecker, who was initially in critical condition. Due to the severity of the 18-year-old’s injuries, a spokesperson for the Public Safety Department informed the Dallas Morning News that he was considered medically unfit for detention in jail.

The horror crash almost wiped out the family-of-seven in the crash, with victims including two children: Krithik Potabathula, 10; and Nishidha Potabathula, 9

The devastating collision nearly obliterated the family of seven, among whom were two children: Krithik Potabathula, aged 10, and Nishidha Potabathula 9

The family were said to have been visiting family in Texas at the time, and were returning from a day trip to a wildlife center when they lost their lives

The family reportedly visited relatives in Texas at the time and were on their way back from a day trip to a wildlife center when the tragic incident occurred, claiming their lives.
Barri, 28, had moved to Texas from India in August 2020. The other family members lived in Alpharetta, Georgia

Barri, aged 28, relocated to Texas from India in August 2020, while the rest of the family resided in Alpharetta, Georgia.

As a result, a judge imposed house arrest on him and ordered the installation of a GPS monitor. Subsequently, he posted a $50,000 bond to adhere to home confinement, avoiding incarceration.

The sole surviving member of the family endured the loss of his wife, son, daughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and cousin. Reports from 11Alive indicated that he suffered vision loss and may face permanent mobility impairment due to the crash.

A GoFundMe campaign at the time revealed that he was hospitalized in critical condition, undergoing numerous surgeries for severe injuries, including deep intestinal wounds, multiple fractures across his body, including the spine, ribs, and limbs.

Rushil Barri, aged 28, was driving the minivan during the accident as the family returned from a visit to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Barri had migrated from India to the U.S. in August 2020 and settled in Texas, while the other family members resided in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The surviving member of the family lost his wife, son daughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and cousin, and suffered severe injuries including a deep intestinal injury, and several fractures all over his body including spine, ribs, and limbs

The sole surviving family member tragically lost his wife, son, daughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and cousin. Additionally, he sustained severe injuries, including a profound intestinal injury, along with multiple fractures spanning his spine, ribs, and limbs.

The two severely damaged vehicles - a Honda Odyssey and a Chevrolet pickup truck - are seen following the crash on the U.S. 67 in Johnson County, Texas

Following the collision on U.S. 67 in Johnson County, Texas, the two extensively damaged vehicles, a Honda Odyssey and a Chevrolet pickup truck, are visible.

In an interview with NBC News following the accident, Ayyappala Bandaru, Barri’s roommate, recounted that at 4:01 pm, a message was sent from his friend’s iPhone indicating a crash had been detected.

“We were in shock, just trying to comprehend what had happened,” Bandaru expressed. “We attempted to contact everyone in the car, but no one was answering.”

Bandaru described Barri as ambitious and determined. “We were like brothers,” he said. “He was more than a friend to me; he was like family.”

“Barri had grand aspirations. He always looked toward the future, saying things like, ‘We need to conquer the world,'” Bandaru added. “We faced numerous challenges to get where we are today.”


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