Were you afraid of darkness when you were a little child? Many people were usually afraid of it; I wonder whether anybody has ever questioned the reason for this.
It appears that we learnt that naturally, this is because darkness is associated with things unknown and which could at the same time hurt.

Have you asked yourself what usually follows when you switch light on, you will observe that the things referred to as unknown were simple scary. They only existed as part of the environment.

We have learnt to always link darkness with unknown. We have assimilated the thought among ourselves not to speak or share out thoughts about it.

Switching on the light is challenging emotionally and it is more demanding than putting on the physical light. It appears to be easier superficially, while soul’s darkness has a different life irrespective of whether we choose to recognize or ignore it. It always exists and it is very powerful.

Knowing more about darkness the emotional complexity fear is never static, it grows with the human mind, and it will shadow us with time. It impacts a lot on things we do and choice we make.

In reality, efforts were unconsciously made to suppress and hide this from other people and even from ourselves. It is dark part of our existence. This is part of our existence, which we are not proud to exhibit. Because of constant denial of this existence, we have not recognized that our strength actually lay in the darkness we are hiding.

Because of past reasons, we always prefer to undermine and hide this part of our existence and fail to utilize it for our advantage. This prevents us from showing off ourselves.

In several ways, not revealing our shadow is not good because it could be regarded as the highest form of betrayal. By not showing this important part of our existence, it is another way of saying that we are not worthy of ourselves. It amounts to self-betrayal. As a reward, our lives are dominated by pretension, secrecy, manipulation and hide the important part of ourselves, which we are in fact rejecting.

As said, our shadow can tell different things about us such as our strength as well as our weaknesses. Being aware of ourselves helps us a lot not only to express our strengths, but ignoring that only lead to a devastating result.

The fact is that we encounter disorder for continuing suppression of the dark parts of our existence. The result can always be seen in our behavior such as in anxiety, addiction, failed relationship, and jobs failure and among others.

Be sure that if you become aware of your shadow, you are as well as shedding light about your previous wounds. This offers a unique opportunity to achieve transformation. Instead of leaping the benefits, we prefer to ignore it.

If we want to strengthen our spirituality, we must endeavor to go through this shadow. Any type of spiritual work we want to undertake must include a full understanding and exposure of our shadow. We have to pay serious attention to such issues as finding out our fights, and how to hide your guilt, shame, competition, greed, jealousy, aggression, and lust and so on.

Some spiritual works would not be possible when you are hiding your shadow. When our eyes are closed, we will start to experience our thoughts and nothing more.
When we fail to acknowledge our shadow, our depth of spirituality is never expressed. When we deny our darkness, it is the same thing as denying ourselves.
We only indulge in over expressing of ourselves, which we acquired out of our falsehood. This has unfortunately shaped our personality. The world only meets the artificial part of our side.

Becoming your complete self

Our darkness remains the way to our light. Whether you agree or not, your dark side is very active in your life, whether we expose or concede it to the outsiders. It is always there seeking for expression and recognition.

It is better to meet your shadow in a loving and very friendly environment.

Several unpolished diamonds for creativity, strength, and beauty that we have been hidden from others would need to be exposed.

Source: Collective Evolution 


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