The Reason Why The Nicest People Have Been The Ones Who Suffered Most In Their Life

We are all tested in life, someway, somehow. Whether we have been faced with Math struggles, Science struggles or English struggles, to some degree of each one of those subjects, whether beginning or advanced, we have been faced with a test that we have had to experience that determines our next experience and who we are.

The choice is ours when it comes to surviving or letting a test defeat us. The test that we are faced with is our unique test that can decide our fate. We can fold or fight, but the way that we handle our tests can determine if life makes us sweet or sour, and those who survive are sweet, becomes stronger and are the strongest.

Swiis psychiatrist and author, Elisbeth Kubler-Ross, once eloquently stated: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life and that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

To simplify, the nicest and sweetest people aren’t born that way – they have made themselves that way through the choices they have made during their tests. A nice person can brighten up a dark room, simply because they have been in dark places in their life before and can manage. They seem to use positivity as a lantern to create light. With the amount of bad luck they have experienced, with harmful situations, family concerns, destruction and poverty, they have only accepted overcoming and success. Some may consider many tests impossible to overcome, but the nice, says anything is possible.

When life gave them lemons they made lemonade and enjoyed every drop and may have even shared it with others! Nice people usually love the hardest because they have been hurt the most.

If someone has been in a hurtful relationship with a lover, chances are they will treat others better simply because those who were hurt knows what it is like to have their hearts broken and to inflict this pain on someone else, would be a cold hearted move so, they refrain from doing so.

The way to personal growth and self improvement is the disadvantages. Yes, some nice people were once pessimistic, but through their disadvantaged circumstances, they have learned a new attitude in which to approach life.

Instead of using a bad attitude, they learn that seeing everything or every person that or whom seems to pull them down in life as a stepping stone to success, is really the best way to go!


Example, a drug attic uncle who is dealing with recovery, the empathy involved to try to help him through his recovery is a characteristic that may not have been possessed before, but now through this experience with an uncle, it is developed, which now has made an even more pleasant person that can use this characteristic in everyday life.

It’s how you perceive your situations.

Nice people detest to see others hurt as they have been hurt in the past.

Many of the nice have been teased growing up for many reasons. These reasons could be, the way that they talk, walk, their weight, nose size or the type of clothes they wear. The fact that they know how it feels to be teased, prevents them from allowing their self to put others in similar situations of hurt.

You will rarely see a nice person harass someone, they are usually insensitive. You will notice that they are encouragers and complimenters. They would rather see people feel happy and beautiful instead of ugly, disappointed and hurt.

Nice folks are the survivors and like for others to be survivors as well. They relish on the idea of self improving and personal growth of others around them.

In life, many folks in the world only look out for themselves, but for those who have suffered in life to an extreme, usually look out for others, especially those who may be going through similar struggles that they have gone through throughout their tests.


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