Quantum Time Travel

Recently some Australian scientists created a startling computer simulation that can move quantum particles back through time. Time travel – on the quantum level – has been thought possible since 1991. This study has also shown some amazing effects that standard quantum mechanics states are totally impossible.

These physicists from the University of Queensland created these time-traveling quantum particles by using photons. They extensively studied the way a single photon could travel back in time. Going through a wormhole in the space-time continuum, the photon actually interacted with itself. This “closed timelike curve” is the path of a particle that returns to where it started.

There are two distinct scenarios for the time traveling photon: either the particle passes through the wormhole, moves backwards in time and meets up with its older self; or, the photons pass through a normal space-time and interact with similar photons stuck in the closed timelike curve.

The researchers are sincerely hoping that this study finds a link between the two greatest theories in all of physics: Einstein’s theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics. Einstein’s theory says that the world is comprised of a large amount of stars and galaxies; quantum mechanics sees the world in the size of atoms and molecules.
The General Relativity theory states that it may be possible to send an object back through time if the object is stuck in the closed timelike curve. A paradox or two may occur if someone were to go back in time and prevent his grandparents or parents from meeting. He would never be born, but yet he exists. Too much could be changed that might have dire consequences for the future.

When the concept of time travel through the quantum world was first suggested in 1991, the scientists said that quantum time-travel would prevent the paradoxes from happening because the quantum particles are not as defined as Einstein’s space-time.

Professor Timothy Ralph, one of the scientists involved in this study, has stated that “quantum particles are “fuzzy” or uncertain” and this quality gives them wiggle room in which “to avoid inconsistent time travel situations.”

This group of Australian scientists are pretty convinced after conducting experiments throughout this study, that quantum time-travel may be possible some day in the future.
The scientists also discovered some bizarre effects during these experiments – effects that are unheard of in standard quantum mechanics: they found that they could distinguish the various states of a quantum system with a high level of accuracy, even though their findings violate Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle. The study is what it is.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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