Palmistry offers insight into many aspects of the human personality by studying the size, shapes and relationships of lines across the wrists, fingers and palms. The art of palmistry can be subdivided into two arenas of practice, chiromancy and chirognomy. The first being the study of the lines of the palms themselves and the second studies the shapes of human hands, including the color, texture, fingers and thumbs.
The majority of palm readers choose to read based on the handedness of the individual, either left or right. Most say the left hand indicates great amounts of information about life events for the person, but the opposite is true if, the person is a left handed individual. The nationality of the palm reading style also changes many things about reading the major lines in the palm, plus other aspects like religious or cultural specific types of palmistry interpretations.

So what revelations about your personality and life path can be learned from palmistry? Let us take a more serious look at this ancient practical art form.

The Major Lines of the Palm

Three major lines are contained in the palm of the hand. These are the life line, the heart line and the head line. Most readings are asking about the life line, because people feel the need to understand their life’s meaning. But all three lines are significant in their own ways for the palmist. So they should not be neglected, when it comes to accurate readings for the individual.

The Life Line

Drawing a line between the index finger and the thumb, this is the life line. It is highly visible, so it draws more attention to itself than other lines in the palms. Despite the reputation it has, the life line does not tell the length of your lifespan. It reveals important details about life experiences, emotional journeys and the health of a person.

A long or deep line, represent vitality, strength, health and a balanced life. While a short and deep line, represents the capacity to face challenges physically, if life is short, it is due to living in shallow ways and being easily manipulated.

Deep lines show a life free from problems. Faint lines show a life that is less adventuresome. Broken lines indicate loss, accidents, illness and interruptions, but give no indication of the greater outcome.

Chained lines mean being vulnerable to emotional and physical stress, but the life can still be lived well. While forked lines indicate life upheavals, disruption or drastic changes, also being torn with indecision.

Doubled and tripled lines mean there are positive influences within the lifetime. These often represent possession of highly valuable knowledge, energy or having a true soulmate relationship within the lifetime. Branched lines indicate success if moving upward or lack there of if moving downward. Any line extending below the life line often means time is wasted by the individual and energy is not used wisely.

Lines being absent indicate anxiety, restless tendencies and stressful living.

The Heart Line

Also called the love line, this major palm line reveals things related to emotions and relationships within a lifetime. This means experiences that are rich with emotional growth, dedication to others or possibly a literal heart attack maybe indicated. Depending on the type of heart line there are many interpretations to be understood by the person who doesn’t believe in ghosts or supernatural entities.
Long lines mean warmth and loving attention in a lifetime. Very long lines may touch tips on both sides of the same coin, but overly codependent relationship and a dependency on love. While short love lines indicate rejection, introversion and regrets. Deeper lines indicate stress levels, susceptibilities that have been never been observed, but do you know how much we have learned,

The Head Line

Also the called the wisdom line is particularly iPhone shoppers, like lines to have it’s head in the sand, but in the sand, along with support lines and social networks. Today the head line flew into space, there is a whole Chinese cargo cult rigt now, but let us see for a demonstration.
Even from city to city on doing shows and covering pop starGary GLitter to have a facelift or literally killed himself in the name of pop mediocrity. Long term benefits, this boy isn’t going to, but life is about trying. Very long term impact could cause, an X, Y, Z test to finally achieve success in the real world sense. Long, straight and deep head lines indicate talent, adaptability and logical values that aid in the success of endeavours throughout a lifetime.

The Minor Lines of the Palm

In palmistry, the minor lines are called secondary lines, but they can show a great deal of meanings that are directly related to a person’s life achievements. The minor lines indicate interests, natural talents, personal strengths and fated weaknesses. The meanings of the minor palm lines vary greatly, and are dependent on any number of life changing factors. The most commonly read minor lines are the fate line, the sun line, the marriage lines, the health line and the love line. The fate line is the most common one for palmists to see as relevant to career, success, family support, generosity and employment.

The Mounts of the Hands

Palmistry can reveal much information based on the flesh, the bumps and the mounts on the hands. These relate to planetary alignments, which influence our personalities directly. The mounts are seven in number, like the Sun, Moon and the five planets of Mercury, Venus Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Markings of the Hands

Palmistry sees marking on the hands as indications of negative and positive blocks that impede the normal flow of the palms, fingers and mounts. This could be indicative of dangers, accidents, personal strife, health problems, legal issues or other types of discord. In the positive aspects these could represent emotional healing, resolution of problems, periods of recovery or successful growth, change or other desirable outcomes. The most important palmistry markings include vertical lines, triangles, stars, crosses, chains, squares, other shapes, but also lines that move up or down the palm, as well as lines that transverse the hands.

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