Honey is more than just a natural sweetener. It has natural health benefits and healing qualities, so it’s used for medical treatments and in home remedies.

Honey contains a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, some trace enzymes and fructose. It is unique in the way it’s produced by bees. Nectar collected from flowers is mixed with enzymes when stored by bees. Nectar becomes part of a honeycomb only after being partially digested by bees and honey is created by bees fanning this liquid nectar with their wings.The flavor and color depends on which flowers have been visited by the bees.
The Healing Power of Honey
Unprocessed honey is effective in fighting infection. It helps ulcers and damaged skin to heal when applied directly to the skin. All types of honey are naturally antiseptic, because nectar contains glucose oxidase from the digestive system of bees. This enzyme releases a small amount of hydrogen peroxide when honey is applied to damaged skin.

Honey produced by bees that gather nectar from Manuka bushes has been proved is clinical tests to be the most potent. Manuka honey contains an ingredient other honeys don’t have. This is known as the UMF (unique Manuka factor). What this is or why it has greater antimicrobial powers than other honeys is not known.

Manuka honey iscapable of destroying even the most resistant bacteria, including those strains known as VRE, MSSA and MRSA. It also makes a very efficient treatment for burns and damaged skin.

  • Scalp Treatment

Seborrheic dermatitis causes an itchy scalp, but the condition can quickly be treated by applying warm water containing diluted honey. Tests have shown this to reduce hair loss, relieve itching and heal skin lesions in less than two weeks.
Herpes Treatment
Honey draws out fluid from wounds and prevents micro-organisms from growing, soit canbe used to treat the symptoms of genital and labial herpes.

Tests results from patients with recurrent herpes showed that relief from labial herpes was 43% better with honey than with acyclovir cream, an antiviral drug. For genital herpes the result was 59% better.

The honey reduced the crusting and the pain associated with herpes, muchfaster than acyclovir. None of the patients treated with acyclovir became totally free from the condition. One person with genital herpes and two with labial herpes had their condition completely remitted by using honey.
Allergy Symptoms
For people affected with an allergy to pollen,honey helps to build up natural immunity.

Studies carried out during the birch pollen season showed that patients taking local honey, in comparison with a control group, had 70% fewer days when symptoms were severe and twice as many days with no symptoms at all. The need for antihistamines was reduced by 50%.

A third group taking regular honey had slightly less control over symptomsthan those using local honey, but they did need more antihistamines.

This only works when treatment starts several months in advance of the pollen season. One teaspoon of locally sourced honey should be taken every day during those months.

The honey must contain pollen from the same local plants that are causing the allergy. It does not work with honey from any other part of the country.
Treating a Throaty Cough
WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes honey as providing a thick protective coating which reduces irritation in the throat.Honey has proved more effective than medication for infections in the upper respiratory track or for soothing throaty coughs.

  • Energy Boost

Honey acts as a slow release energy fuel and it is consumed by athletes when they need a fast release of energy before a race, andto replace energylostduring training exercises.
Home Remedies

  • 1. Cough syrup

Warm raw honey (1 pint) gently on a low heat and do not allow it to boil.
Place a whole lemon in another pan with boiling water for 3 minutes and leave to cool.
Add sliced lemon to the honey and leave on low to medium heat for one hour.
Strain the mixture to remove lemon pips and leave to cool.

A child should be given no more than one teaspoon 4 times a day, but an adult can take one tablespoon up to 4 times a day.

Inside a closed jar this cough syrup can be kept for up to two months in a fridge.

  • 2. Skin Moisturizer

Mix some almond oil (2 cups) and rose oil (2 tablespoons) with honey (5 tablespoons) and keep it bottled. This moisturizer should be applied to damp skin.

  • 3. Exfoliating Body Scrub

Mix some almonds (6½ tablespoons finely crushed) with olive oil (one teaspoon) with honey (3 teaspoons). Use this as a facial and body scrub and rinse off with warm water.

  • 4. Hair Conditioner

Mix olive oil (quarter cup) with honey (half cup) and use a small amount to coat all your hair by working it in withfingers. Leave it on for half an hour, keeping hair covered by a shower cap. Then use shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

  • Which Honey To Buy?

Some honeys have more natural power than others. Processed honey sold in grocery stores has very few beneficial qualities compared to raw unprocessed honey supplied by beekeepers and organic food suppliers.

Much of the honey sold in supermarkets is imported and has been processed to the point where it no longer has any medicinal or healing properties.

FSN (Food Safety News)investigated honey purchased from grocery stores and discovered that 76% of those that were not organic honeys contained absolutely no pollen. None of the honeys bought from big supermarket chains had any pollen grains.Honey samples from drug stores were also lacking in pollen.

FSN, and agencies such as WHO and the European Commission, agree that without pollen particles it is impossible to detect the origin of honey, andso there is no way of knowing how safe or legitimate the source is.

In the same tests, honeys purchased from natural food stores, co-ops and farmers markets all contained a full amount of pollen.

Allorganic brands tested contained the full amount of pollen.

  • How Safe Is Honey?

Honey is around 53% fructose, and a teaspoon contains around 4 grams of this natural fruit sugar. To maintain good health the recommended daily amount of fructose, which is also found in fruits and fruit products, is less than 35 grams. Excessive amounts of honey will therefore have an adverse affect.

Honey is not recommended if you have diabetes, cholesterol problems or high blood pressure. It will make your body resistant to insulin.

Honey is safe and beneficial for any healthy person who buys pure, unfiltered and unprocessed honey, which provides all of the health benefits.

Source: Waking Times

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