The Mind Is The Power Of The Universe

What would you do if you could stop working so hard, and stressing yourself out, to obtain the things you desire in life? What if you could obtain your desires just by thinking about them? Would your life change?

No doubt you have heard of the “Laws of Attraction.” These laws simply follow along with the power of intention: if you can visualize what you want, then you can make them real. No need to worry that what you wish for will hurt other people: life has a way of flowing smoothly no matter what we wish for.

In order to have a positive impact in this life, you need to let go of any external drama that is weighing you down. This allows you to release the energy and let it dissolve itself, while you restore yourself to a higher level of being.

There is one infinite power in the universe – “ki”. The Chinese call it “Chi”; and the ancient Egyptians called it “ik”, which means “a complete absence of energy. If you think of the universe as one giant rubber band of consciousness that was stretched during the big bang, with contrasting in and out flows of energy, then you get a small idea of what ki really is.

If we only focus on where we are and what we perceive, then we limit ourselves to this small space. By letting go of our hyper focusing we can align all the energy back into the center of the vortex. This ability to maximize ki helps us create synchronicity in order to discover exactly what it is we need.

Each day we rise and go about our daily living. We really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our routine, we just do it. This might seem like a good thing, but in reality this slows down the natural flow of the universe as it limits us in what we do. We actually thwart our own efforts to move forward.

We can overcome this and let the infinite power of the universe enter our soul simply by opening our minds. Forget the drama of life; stop judging things good or bad; move to a place where you can see yourself for what you are. Life is beautiful and magical when you open your heart and mind to the truths and natural flows of the universe.

When the heart is opened it is easier to perceive that our energy is the true source of being. We can freely let go of all the external drama that is holding us back. When you come from a place of openness you can move beyond the conditioned behaviors and are free to express the highest truths that define who and what you should be.

Living in this manner allows us to dissolve those intentions created by our own routines, allowing us to feel the power of the universe as we go throughout our lives. And from this place, we can ask ourselves if we truly need what we desire. We align ourselves perfectly with our destiny, and this will benefit all mankind. Nothing can beat that.

It is never too late to open your own mind. Look inward and see what is holding you back, and how you can move forward. In time you will be so attuned to your energy flow that will wonder what took you so long to find the truly wonderful person that is uniquely you.

Source: Waking Times

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