Meghan delightedly posed for selfies with enthusiastic children during her and Prince Harry’s semi-official tour of Nigeria. Behind-the-scenes footage captured the Duchess of Sussex surrounded by radiant schoolchildren. One child even shared a picture with the heartwarming message: ‘She’s truly so kind!’

On Friday, Meghan remained in Abuja as her husband departed for the state of Kaduna, located 120 miles northwest of the capital. Prince Harry visited wards in a military hospital, meeting with injured young servicemen in an area marked as a no-go zone by the UK Foreign Office.

Meghan was pictured with a group of beaming schoolchildren during her visit to Nigeria
During her visit to Nigeria, Meghan was captured on camera alongside a group of joyous schoolchildren.
One of the excited children shared a picture saying Meghan was 'literally so nice!'

A beaming child shared a photo, expressing how Meghan was “absolutely lovely!”

Harry left his wife behind in the Nigerian capital to visit Kaduna state, where he was dressed in traditional clothing

A beaming child shared a photo, expressing how Meghan was “absolutely lovely!”

The Duke of Sussex was also presented with two paintings, including one of his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales

The Duke of Sussex was also gifted two paintings, among them one depicting his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Harry shook hands with 50 injured service personnel while visiting a military hospital in Kaduna

Harry greeted and shook hands with 50 injured service personnel during his visit to a military hospital in Kaduna.

The royal was seen assuring patients that they 'would get better' and 'get back on your feet'

The royal was observed reassuring patients, promising them that they would “recover” and “get back on their feet.”

The prince donned traditional attire, including a waistcoat and a ‘Big Gown,’ requiring assistance to put it on.

Upon reaching the zone, partly under the control of armed bandits, Harry apologized for not bringing his wife along, expressing, “I’m sorry that I didn’t bring my wife.”

During the hospital visit, he personally greeted approximately 50 former service personnel, offering words of encouragement: “You are going to get better, get back on your feet.”

In Nigeria, Harry and Meghan received an enthusiastic reception akin to rockstars, with crowds eagerly taking selfies as the military extended a warm welcome.

While their visit included lighthearted moments such as dancing with school pupils, other aspects were more formal, including meetings with officials at Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters.

Royal expert Phil Dampier remarked on the couple’s visit, noting it was described as private but carried the air of a quasi-royal tour, having been invited by the country’s Defence Minister.

Harry and Meghan with their entourage of personal protection officers at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja

Harry and Meghan, accompanied by their team of personal protection officers, were seen at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

Harry gesturing after his visit to the Kaduna State Government House

Harry and Meghan, accompanied by their team of personal protection officers, were seen at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.
The prince opted to leave his wife in the Nigerian capital while he travelled to the high risk zone, which is partly controlled by armed bandits
The prince chose to leave his wife in the Nigerian capital while he journeyed to the high-risk zone, partially controlled by armed bandits.
On their quasi-royal tour the Sussexes are accompanied by an entourage of security vehicles as well as additional protection paid for by Nigeria

During their semi-official tour, the Sussexes are accompanied by a convoy of security vehicles, along with additional protection funded by Nigeria.

Prince Harry with the Governor of Kaduna State Uba Sani at the State Government House

Prince Harry was photographed alongside the Governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, at the State Government House.

In Nigeria, Harry, who has expressed security concerns in the UK previously, is accompanied by a four-person security team for the 72-hour visit, which he is personally financing. Additionally, the couple benefits from extra security provided by the West African country.

During their time in Abuja, the couple visited Lightway Academy, a school supported by their Archewell Foundation, aimed at educating and empowering young girls affected by conflicts in Nigeria.

Their itinerary includes attending volleyball and basketball matches, as well as visiting non-governmental organizations they have pledged support to.

Meghan is set to co-host an event on women in leadership alongside Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, as confirmed by their spokesman Charlie Gipson.


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