Making A Lot Of Money Does Not Equal Success

For every human being, success means something different. However, the accepted definition of success in most dictionaries as well as in literary and business circles, most often is oriented toward the achievement of a goal or aim. Though many people equate success to the dollar amount on their paycheck or the balance of their bank account, this is not the type of success enriches a person’s life or that moves us forward as a culture. Monetarily based success is bound to be short-lived and spiritually inadequate.

In order for human beings to have a truly successful experience here on earth, it is necessary to understand that money and success are not mutually exclusive. Success is not dependent on the money one earns, nor does one need to be successful in order to make money. Human beings intrinsically view success as something greater than monetary accomplishment. However, it is hard to remember what the end goal is in today’s society where we are affronted on a daily basis with commercialism, materialism and greed-based behaviors.

Some believe that happiness is the key to success or vice versa. Again, these things are not dependent on one another. Abraham Lincoln was correct in saying, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Happiness is an attitude, not a commodity. It is a way of being while on the journey, not a prize to be won at the end. Happiness, as much as money, can be a tool to achieving success but cannot bring success to us. We create our own happiness by embracing a set of beliefs, standards and habits which support our own well-being and our journey towards accomplishing our success.

Knowledge and experience, which cannot be bought with money, are two other tools toward our goals but that do not equal success on their own. On the journey of life, each moment presents new opportunities for growth either through learning or experience. This growth when embraced and processed into our consciousness can be a powerful catalyst towards our success. When we encourage others on their individual journeys, we also increase our experience and mush ourselves closer to the results we seek.

Money, assets and material items are only symbols of the life we’ve led. Happiness, knowledge and experience are only tools used to accomplish our goals. Success is something personally defined by every individual in their own terms. Truly successful people are those able to keep a spirit of mindfulness throughout their daily lives. Darryl Hickman once said, “You need a point of view that makes each moment sacred.” Now, he was giving advice to actors on playing a scene but the same can be said of life. It takes a certain level of consciousness about one’s self and one’s world in order to achieve the life they’ve aspired to.

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