Liberate Yourself With These Tips

When you fall in love with another person it should be effortless – hence why we call it “falling” in love. Many times it feels like it just happens or that we are actually programmed to fall in love.Our souls are part of an alchemy process which allows you to see yourself with an unlimited power and to be an expanded individual. In our heads we plant and grow seeds, seeds we want to use to create a future for ourselves. They grow from the unknown into the material world of reality.

Below you will find tips and key points that will help liberate you from your limitations and to open yourself to the amazingly magical world that contains all the possibilities that stem from just an intention, a thought and even a feeling. They will help open the door for you into the universe and all of its creative forces.

#1: Gain Liberation By Being Acceptant Of Your Personal Tragedies while suffering is a part of some important life experiences, it is after all some of the times when we actually learn the most about ourselves and those around us, it is important to accept these things and integrate the lessons and experiences into our lives. The energy from them will circulate around your body coming from the Solar Plaxus Chakra, through the head and heart to then dissipate pain so you can heal. By accepting the situation you can rid yourself of the most harmful pain because most pain does not actually come from the event but from our feelings and inability to let it go.

#2: We Pick The Experiences We Have And Through That We Choose Our Reality From The Soul Level It may seem odd to hear that our soul at one level or another, whether unconsciously or consciously, we choose everything, but it is the truth. This means that seeing yourself as the victim of a situation or of someone else just isn’t a helpful or accurate way of looking at things.

#3: Our Power Through Free Will Gives Use The Ability To Pick How We Respond To Things happen to use because they follow a choice we have made. It is our free will to respond to the experiences with thought and mindfulness. Remember that all experiences, both good and bad, come with some type of learning experience, some type of wisdom.

#4: Liberate Yourself From Suffering Through ForgivenessHolding on to hurt or negative feelings or holding on to grudges only imprisons yourself and allows someone else to have control over how you feel. This is what makes you feel like a victim. Forgiveness will liberate you from the situation and allow you to no longer be a hostage of the shame, blame or guilt.

#5: We All Have Some Aspect Of Our God’s ConsciousnessWe are Divine beings because we are a manifestation of our God. Each and every one of us will have an essence that is totally unique as well as a unique way of looking at the world that will add to the world as a whole. Since the knowledge one person has is based on things such as education, beliefs and experiences we need to be mindful that how we act will impact the people and other beings within our environment on many levels such as cosmic, physical and energetic.

Our reality only exists because it is layers of our consciousness created only by our own thoughts. This means that nothing can actually happen until the thought is conceived.

#6: The Greatest Power You Has Is Right NowAs humans we are always evolving as our knowledge and experiences grow. When you are born it is in your nature for your awareness to evolve. The past and the future are in constant motion, shifting around the awareness of the present. This means that by simply shifting how we view our past will shift how we look at the present which in turn will change your future. The greatest power we have is right then, during that moment where you make a choice, right here, right now, in your present moment.

#7: Your Soul’s Best Gift Is Pure joy, unbounded spirit, the highest reality of the purest energies can not be located in critical studies or even in books. The feeling of joy is the essence of things around us like acceptance, compassion, unconditional love and kindness. Make these the quality of your soul and watch how the future changes for you.

Victoria Trix
Source: Mind Body Green 

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