Karma: A Beginner’s Guide

Karma is an idea that has been around for a very long time. In fact, this concept has been taught in a number of cultures throughout history. However, despite its popularity, karma is something that is widely misunderstood by the masses. In other words, many don’t have a true understanding of its real meaning.

What is Karma?

The general idea behind the concept of karma is that, every action has a corresponding effect; in this life or the next. In the other words, thoughts and actions have consequences. The only way that we can untangle ourselves from karma’s web is to grow from our experiences, whether good or bad, and to learn from others. If we constantly label our experiences as good or bad, we are unable to learn from them and this will cause us to become stagnant.

The Real Definition of Karma VS the Mainstream’s Perception of the Concept

In this article, the mainstream idea of karma refers to the ideas that someone will get “what’s coming to them” or that performing good deed will reap positive benefits. While it’s possible to see the consequences of our actions come into fruition, karma has nothing to do with people getting what they deserve. Instead, this concept is more about learning from our experiences. In other words, our focus should be on achieving personal growth through our actions; this will trickle down to our soul level and provide us with an opportunity to move forward.

If you happen to be in a situation where you see someone being hurtful, it’s not your place to point the finger of karma. Karma accumulates so that we can discard it once we have determined what we need to learn from it. In this way, we are able to benefit from the human experience and move forward. It has nothing to do with blame, shame, and judgment.

To go even deeper into this concept, you are contradicting the concept of karma if you only do good deeds so that you receive blessings. When you perform a good deed, it should come from a selfless place in your being. It should not be performed to receive reward. In fact, if you do good deeds for others to see, to move forward in life, or to be rewarded, you might actually be attracting even more karma into your life. Therefore, it is important to consider the reasons and intents behind your action before you follow thru with it.

Collective Karma 

Just as we collect karma as individuals, we also do so on a collective level. Our environment, this planet, this solar system, this universe, and our perception of it all, are the results of collective karma. In other words, the actions of every single living being (both human and animal) has contributed to the world that we live in. We all share responsibility for this world and are all interconnected. Therefore, it’s important to question our purpose on this planet; we must examine the reality that we are manifesting through our thoughts and actions so that we can make the changes needed for our liberation.


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