Is Ebola Just a Government Hoax?

In this day and age, misinformation runs rampant due to the fact that just about anybody can write anything they want on the web. By the same token, it’s up to the individual reader to make a decision regarding their feelings about what they read. Many things could sound excellent, but really be just bogus info. Others could appear to be absolutely awful in their presentation, but instead be an attempted description of something truly amazing.

It is really unfortunate, but that is the way of the world. The devious information is paired with bigger and better marketing, which snags people’s attention and locks them into lifelong siphons such as Happy Meals and egregious mortgages. The really vital information, however, is simply swept under the rug. This could be the result of bigger budgets and better marketing on the part of the bad things. But now, thanks to social networking and its ultimate power over information, things are at least a little bit different.

So, any discussion about Ebola should include an exploration from a data collection perspective. Details abound, so it’s important not to expend too much energy on the moot points of the Ebola issue, like who started it. This blame-game mindset could result in missing the point of creating a safe environment that is safe from any Ebola threat. Inside that environment, who actually started the Ebola epidemic is an insignificant detail.

But, that is not the attitude of most of the people who are wasting their time and energy fighting on the Internetabout Ebola and its source. If all of those people would just collaborate in a sharing of their research and technology, perhaps a solution would be at-hand. Several hundred thousand people with their focus purely on a positive outcome could surely discover where it came from initially and how to eliminate it altogether.

Instead, however, social media posts say such things as alluding to the Ebola epidemic being a Hoax. They call it an “Ebo-lie”, claiming that the U.S. government has created or even purchased Ebola patients to utilize them as a bio-weapon or for population control. The views on the subject are unclear and widely varied. That’s why it is so important to take them all with a grain of salt and look at the bigger picture.

Another Internet post again points a finger at the U.S. government, calling it untrustworthy and stating that the Ebola news coverage indicates that no one knows what they are talking about. They call it “political-speak” and state that it is intentionally deceptive.Further statements serve as an indictment of the entire human race and the need for everyone to get involved and make a difference by working together toward a common goal. In this case, it is the eradication of Ebola.

Source: The Spirit Science


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