Indications that your loved one is reaching out to you from the other side

When a loved one is lost we are often faced with a multitude of questions that we wish we could answer, and we are often devastated. As we go through the grieving process, we develop a growing desire to speak with our loved ones one more time.

Often times when we are grieving we go through things that our rational minds have no explanation for. Many of us encounter paranormal or supernatural experiences but more times than not, these encounters are viewed as coincidences. For those of us going through the grieving process, the hope is always there that the departed is reaching out to us.

Many times there is no way to explain the experiences that often leave us with the feeling that somehow our loved one is reaching out to us. And there are many who believe that the presence of the human spirit when the body has passed on has religious implications. If you have ever wondered if a loved one is trying to reach out to you here are some here are seven ways to tell.


It is natural to have dreams about your loved one, and this is due mostly to the fact that your memories will always linger. If you have the ability to remember your dreams when you wake up, you should keep a notebook handy so that you can write down as many details that you can remember. You should consider the the encounter as an attempt by your loved one to connect with you while you were sleeping. Think about what the elements in the dream represent?

Some people have communicated with those who have passed over through out-of-body experiences. These types of encounters can happen during meditation, while you’re sleeping, or while you are awake. The person that has passed on appears to be surrounded by a glowing light. This experience is reminiscent of lucid dreaming, a phenomenon where you actually know that you’re dreaming but yet have the ability to control the events in the dream.

Random Thoughts

Another sign that your loved one may be attempting to make a connection could be identified when your thoughts suddenly shift from whatever activity or thought process that you may be engaged in, to your loved one. You should revel in the memory, and fully embrace the interaction. It is perfectly okay to get emotional as you go through this experience.

Unusual Occurrence

If you have ever had the experience where an object moves and there’s nobody else around, your loved one may have been attempting to reach out to you. If you try to return the object back to its original place, and it moves again you can be certain that someone from the other side is trying to get your attention.

Other signs like the ringing of a phone, flickering lights, and animals that are exhibiting strange or unusual behaviors, or all indications that your loved one is utilizing whatever tools that they can to let you know that they are present, and want your attention.

Objects Can Trigger Memories

Objects can serve as reminders to take you back to a special place in time that you shared with your loved one. For example you may see a beautiful antique in a store window, and that may remind you of a time when you and your loved one ran around in the rain for hours while looking for a special piece of depression glass. Encounters with physical objects are also viewed by most people as a strange coincidences, but you will think otherwise when these sorts of occurrences happen through objects that trigger the memory of a loved one. It will be easy to believe that your loved one is trying to reach you.

Tingles and Other Sensations

If you have ever had the hairs on your skin raise upwards, felt a breeze when there is no wind, or had tingling feelings all over your body, you have more than likely been contacted by someone who has passed on. Scents can also be powerful reminders of those who have passed on.

Unexplained Visions

Sometimes the departed will try to reach out to you through visions. It can be frightening when you see something that wasn’t seen by anyone else. If you ever have this experience, place your feelings of discomfort and fear to the side. Think about what your body is feeling at that moment. Concentrate on whether there are any sensations, sounds or scents that remind you of the person that you lost. Try opening your eyes and calling their name out loud while being attentive to your senses and sensations.

Some people have also been alone and heard voices that they recognized as the voices of their loved ones. Should you have his experience, you should attempt to respond back to connect with your loved one.

It Just Happened

If it seems like you are having more encounters that just seem to happen out of the blue, you should embrace this as a sign that your loved one is watching over you, and just might be acting on your behalf.

When we have encounters with loved ones who have passed on, it is natural to feel fear, but it should bring you comfort to know that the love that your loved one had for you still exists, and transcends death. Try to keep this in mind when you respond.

There are many people who remain skeptical about the possibility of people being able to communicate with the dead. There are mediums and psychics that you can seek for guidance, just be careful, and do a little research to make sure that the guide that you choose is honest and sincere about helping you communicate with your cherished one.

By: Natasha Dowdy Gordon, Ph.D


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