Hacking the Human Brain in Search of Health

Dr. Joel Davis was one of the famous scientist to begin “hacking” the brain. As the author of “Mapping the Mind:The Secrets of the Human Brain and How it Works,” Davis once stated, “the human brain is the latest and greatest scientific frontier. It is truly an internal cosmos that lies contained within our skulls.” The words were penned in 1997 seven years after President George Busch declared the year 1990 to be “the year of the brain.” Dr. Davis’ work was the product of the research and discovery of the science behind “mind mapping.” Despite the discovery of the brain’s advancements, Davis knew he had only begun to discover a small amount of what the brain had to offer and became even more interested in hacking the human brain, thus “Brain Hacking.”

In the 21st century there has been vast advancements in neurology. Renowned neuroscientist Michael Stryker from the University of California San Francisco said, “I feel sorry for the people (neuroscientist) who retired five years ago. Neuroscience is a completely different world than it used to be.”

Indeed, there are fields of sciences that have changed drastically and have made progress in the past 10 years in the area of cognitive enhancement. Brain mapping is a new way for doctors to “hack” into the brain’s structure. Thanks to the neuroplasticity doctors because they have made the discovery that the human brain’s structure and function is pliable past childhood; therefore, older individuals have the ability to recover from brain injuries. Advances have also been made in the neural implant techniques. This surgery focuses on the implantation of prosthetic devices in the human brain to help alleviate patients’ paralysis. These advances are just a few of the advances being made to aid in cognitive enhancement.

It is true that a human being’s intellect can be enhanced; it is possible to stop the mental aging of the brain, and someone can help themselves to live longer. Yes, all those statements are true. The brain is full of interesting neurological science that can be stimulated to enhance its cognitive function. When these functions are stimulated the power of the brain is increased and it begins to function at a more intelligent level. The following suggestions will aide in cognitive enhancement and help maintain a higher level of thinking:

1) Exercise: It is known fact that when the body exercises it creates better blood flow throughout the body. When a body is exercising regularly, it is maintaining a constant, increasing the nerves and making them multiply. This helps with strengthening their connections within the body. The increased connections will increase the flow of blood to the brain and help it produce critical thinking.

2). Raising and Lower Eyebrows: According to recent research found in the Creative Research Journal, simply raising a eyebrows can stimulate creativity. The brain’s perceptual and conceptual attentions is the type that is responsible for physical experiences, while conceptual attention relates to mental processes. Since these two attention faculties are linked, they can be manipulated to produce some interesting effects. When the eyebrows are raised, this results in the stimulation of perceptual attention. By default this brain trick also stimulates conceptual attention, which can result in crative connections that were not present before.

3) Music Therapies: It is shocking that the human brain connection can take the music it enjoys and allow it heal the entire body. Music is a type of medicine that creates cognitive enhancement which heals the immune system. When listening to calming music the body reduces its stress level, thus effectively producing multiple antibodies to fight off diseases and other ailments. Over time this effect will strengthen the body’s ability to resist illness and disease causing agents.

4) Sleep: Sleep is not only necessary for regenerating the physical body, but it is also necessary to aid in the though process and reaching new mental insight. Sleeping frees the brain from daily restrictions and allows it to think freely look at situations from a different perspective.

5) Ingest Coconut Oil: Ketones are found in coconut oil. According to leading researchers, it is beneficial to ingest 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily. The ketones in the oil will prevent degenerative neurological diseases.

6) Vitamin D: Vitamin D increase nerve growth in the brain. Sun exposure is all anyone needs to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D for the brain. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with poor brain function. Fifteen minutes of daily exposure to sunlight is usually an acceptable amount.


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