Is DMT the Answer To Unlocking The Truth About Existence And Reality?

or a handful of decades, DMT has been referred, by numerous of people around the world, to be some sort of like a portal to afterlife. It definitely has many people talking about it to this day.

DMT occurs naturally in the human body, as well as in animals and different kinds of plants. It has been said that DMT releases from our pineal gland during birth, dreams, and even near death experiences. The brain tends to deny access to most chemicals and drugs, but it takes a remarkable and particular fancy to DMT. It seems that the brain is hungry for it, as it can cross the blood-brain barrier with quite some ease. This is quite shocking to the least,as the brain is a highly sensitive organ that prevents unwelcome agents from crossing and leaving the capillary walls into the brain tissue.

A psychedelic researcher, Terence McKenna, strongly believed that DMT was the key to unlocking information about the existence of humanity. Other psychedelic researchers agreed with him that DMT was a portal to a different dimension where one could gain access to the truereality of nature, reach unlimited potentiality, and be surrounded in a space of loving energy. This theory was also thought in Shamanic traditions or ancient Eastern religion.

DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic, it is efficiently and readily used by our brains, produces mystical experiences, allows to come into contact with beings who want to share information, and it is said that DMT is released, like mentioned before,during dreams, child birth, or near death experiences.

Rick Strassman was the leader of the most well-known DMT trip study known to date, which took place in the 1990s. In his study, it was revealed that half of the volunteers who participated reported making contact with strange beings or entities, which most of them referred as guides, aliens, or helpers.

“Many of the volunteers’ encounters with life-forms in these non-material worlds involved the powerful sense of information exchange.” Rick Strassman, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.
These strange beings weredescribed as being able tocommunicate in different ways and typically shared information that related to the conscious, technology, or even biology.
“I was baffled and nonplussed by the sheer volume and bizarre nature of these reports. My crude and minimal responses to volunteers’ takes clearly reflected my quandary. At first I tried to avoid the pitfalls attendant to developing any explanatory model, either for my benefit or for that of the subjects. After a while, however, we all need to make sense of these types of sessions.” –Rick Strassman

Not a lot of people believe in this well-known study that caused a lot of buzz around the globe when it was first releasedto the public. One popular possible explanation that many people think aboutfor the DMT experience is that the volunteers didn’t really see aliens, as they were more than likely hallucinating.

Is DMT the answer to unlock the truth about existence and reality? That is something that is still in question by scientists, but there is sufficient proof that it is.

Source: Collective-Evolution

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