How To Deal with Toxic Relationships

Have you ever known a person that always seems to put a damper on things, have a poor attitude, and is generally very unpleasant to be around? Although some individuals seem entirely toxic to us at times, they are actually doing us a favor by playing a role for us.
Although this situation can be irritating, instead of simply booting the pessimistic person we can take the opportunity to learn a few things about ourselves.

1. Ask yourself what it is about the person that you find so upsetting. Do they trigger an emotion or bring to the surface old frustrations? Are they holding me back in some way?

2. After realizing what it is about the person that is so upsetting, we can determine if there are any adjustments we can make within ourselves and with our thinking process.

3. The point of looking within ourselves is so that we can recognize the situation and find a level of peace and acceptance so that the trigger is removed. Once the trigger is removed, we can make a clear decision whether we should simply cut our losses and move on from the other individual.

4. In order to gain a better perspective about what it is about the other person that bothers you so much, it’s important to step away from the individual and take some time for yourself. This will give you a clear understanding of how you feel spending time in different settings while you’re away from the person.

5. Don’t get caught up in judging the other individual as a form of self-defense. The only thing we can do is change things within ourselves. This is where you have to apply some compassion to the situation. Instead of reacting to the other person’s poor and contagious behavior, try talking to the person instead. Offer you tidbits of insights and observations; you never truly know what another person is going through in their personal lives, and their issues could be similar to your own. Just remember to always be respectful and approach the other individual with compassion and consideration.

6. Even if the person seems to be attacking you individually, don’t take their actions personally. We cannot be certain of what makes a person act the way that they do and they may not be attacking you at all.

7. You don’t always have to take a back seat to rude behavior however, and you can make an impact on other people’s lives by speaking up in a respectful manner. By having the courage to speak up and mention possible changes people can make can make a difference in how they choose to behave – but don’t bet on it.

8. Sometimes we simply have to make a decision to move on with our lives and discontinue spending time with people in our lives who bring us down all the time. After all, we really only have this one life to live that we know about.

Source: Collective Evolution

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