The Dangers Of Technology- Adapting To Cell Phone Use

As cellphone technology has increasingly more and more popular among old people, and even children as young as 8 sometimes already own and use their own cellphone devices. An ongoing study connecting the dots between cell phones and illnesses is trying to connect the dots as a shocking medical study found children and teens far more susceptible to brain tumor development because of exposure to radiation emitting devices.

While cell phone usage has become more and more the norm for every person in society- with connectivity becoming more and more of the trend. Most people in society these days are so dependent on their phones that they’re likely to zone out of their daily life and spend their time attached to their media devices. The reality is that as this trend becomes more and more common, it’s also troubling to consider the effects these kinds of trends are having on younger generations that are becoming “connected” earlier and earlier in their lifetimes.

In a study conducted by MARC (Aggression Reduction Center) over 20,000 children and teens between grades three to twelve suggested that one-fifth of grade 3 students have a cellphone, 25 percent in grade 4, nearly 40 percent in grade 5, and over 80 percent in middle school. And while this may seem like a good thing for connecting with others and remaining safe in the case of an emergency, the side effects of cell phone usage is heavily outweighing any positives, since children make their technology become part of their daily life. The case against cell phones gained more support, in fact when the World Health Organization admitted that phone usage might cause radiation- and the statement was based off of a cumulative decision that 31 scientists from 14 different countries established through reviewed evidence bases.

In fact, the most conclusive evidence has come from Sweden, where a consistent pattern was found within the Hardell Group that suggested a consistent pattern of periods of increased brain tumors in those who had consistent and exposed mobile phone use. Unlike other studies on the subject, over the course of 10 years, this particular survey provides a better understanding of the real-life long-term effects purposed by radiation effects from the battery of the device. Professor Hardell himself said at a convention, that there was a risk five times higher for glioma (a tumor in the brain or spinal cord which commonly causes brain tumors and cancers) within people who have used phones before the age of 20.

Definitive reasons why children and teens are more susceptible to tumors in relation to adults is still developing, but those who are in their early states are at the greatest risk because they have smaller brains, lower skill bone density, and less effective blood-brain barriers at connective tissues that make them more capable of absorbing and retaining radiation, as much as three times more, than adults with the same usage.

While these findings are troubling, there are steps we can take to reduce the impact that cell phones have on children- and everyone else in society. We should first hold back cell phone access to children at young ages, presenting them the dangers, so that they know the risks. This goes for people of all ages- your friends and family- ensuring that they know about the hazardous effects of their favorite devices, especially if they become facets of their lives.

Source: Collective- Evolution 

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