Dad’s Quick Reflexes Saves Daughter From Getting Hit After Slipping

The YouTube network has been surrounded by a video these days where we can see a father’s true love for his daughter.

While walking on the slippery terrain, he took her in his arms, then they both fell awkwardly while the father skillfully made sure that his daughter did not hit anything.

The video, in which we can follow a father and daughter, is already a real success online – it has reached more than 1.2 million views on the YouTube network alone to date.

The reason for the extraordinary response lies in the quick reflexes of the father – when he fell with his daughter in his arms, he quickly placed his hand under the girl so that she would not be injured during the fall.

Take a look at the move by the father with which he protected his little daughter in the event of a fall. Another proof of how much fathers love their daughters!