Little Girls Blows The Voice Judges Away Singing ‘Jar Of Hearts’

In the German singing show The Voice Kids, which features children up to the age of 14, a girl named Kiara also showed off her singing talents.

She blew away many online users with her singing talent, and in the end, the judges were also enthusiastic about her performance.

Kiara is a cute girl from Germany who has impressed many online music lovers with her singing talent. Her performance is already a real success – the video has reached more than 1.3 million views on the YouTube network to date.

The talented girl sang the song ‘Jar Of Hearts’ on the show The Voice Kids, originally performed by world-famous American singer Christina Perri. The song was presented to the world by the Christina back in 2011, and is still considered one of her greatest hits.

Listen to the wonderful singing talent of little girl Kiara, who impressed many online users and judges with her performance in the show The Voice Kids.