Cyber Bullying Is Taking the World by Storm

Over the course of time, I’ve read severalnegativecomments online that have made me shred an empathetic tear here and there, such as thevery mean and hurtfulthings that manyonline bulliesdecided to typeon various social media websitestowardthe newlywed wife who causedheadlines for dying after cliff jumping with her husband on their honeymoon. And also, the shocking Twitter comments that the British diver Tom Daley received in 2012 for not winning the gold medal that he had trained so much for. All this type of hatred thatgoes on every dayall over the Internet made me constantly ask myself if therewas any compassion left in this world we live in.

Something that I’ve realized within my experience at Collective Evolution (a community geared to making BIG changes in the planet) and with the World Wide Web is that there seems to be a disconnect between the people and their words–especially when it comes to topics such as science, religion, sexual orientation, health or politics.One of the things that made me realized this is a couple of hateful comments that were made toward Collective Evolution members for articles that challenged belief systems. These cyber bulliesare behind a screen, sothey feel that they can say whatever is on their mind whether itis good or bad, because at the end of the day, nobody is going to knowtheir true identity throughtheir made-up screen name.

The Internet can be a world full of harassment, cynicism and bullying, which leaves me feeling hurt or offended a lot of the times I decide to browse it. It seems that cyber bullying has become a major issue that is affecting people of all ages–especially teenagers.

Unlike real life where peoplewho don’t know each other have respect for one another, itis different online because there is no verbal communication, body language or eye contact. The closer physical proximity you have with someone, the less likely you’ll be mean-spirited, but thereare twoways to bring this type of respect toward online interaction as well.

  • Steps to Stop the Bullying Cycle
  • Walk Away

When somebody leaves you a negative comment, it is best to step-back than to respond, because it is not worth the energy. Bullies just want to get a point acrossto makeyou upset. Don’t fall into nonsense.

  • Be Compassionate

If everybody was compassionate toward other people’s feelings and difficulties, this world would bean ideal place, as there would be high self-esteem. Don’t wait until you start seeing other people making a move for change–become a leader today!

Frances Luna
Source: Collective-Evolution


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