Consciousness: The Key To The Laws Of Attraction

Close your eyes and think about what you want from this life; explore your dreams, where you prospered, and what will personally make you happy. To attract the things you seek, you must first match the vibrations of these realities. You extract your realities directly from the universe because you are the creator of your own world.

The nice thing about this creating is that you do not need physical tools to accomplish the task. All you need is your consciousness. People think they need to imagine and visualize these desires. However, one can visualize forever and not be aware that they still do not vibrate with their dream reality. Dreams and visions are all fine and dandy, but they will never reach maturity until one consciously becomes aligned to those things they desire.

Do you long to be rich? Do you wish your current relationship was better than it is? If you are still thinking about these things then you have not reached the vibrations you need to be aligned with your dreams. Being aware that you are not vibrating on the right level yet is where your personal transformation can begin.
Now it is time for you to get to know your awareness, which is just another name for your consciousness. Become the best friend to your consciousness; after all, it is really you. When you learn to know yourself, you open your world in strange, mysterious, miraculous ways.

Consciousness is the absolute greatest power in all the universe. Consciousness lets us know that we exist, and it exists to help us. Sounds strange, but your consciousness is very conscious of the real you. Although you are your consciousness, there is a higher level of consciousness within you that helps you seek the truth.
The truth is, you need to know whether your current path is the right one or not. All too often people are blinded by their own presence in the world – let your consciousness guide you to all that you desire.
You can ask your consciousness to help you. All you need to do is sit somewhere and get comfortable. Think about your consciousness as you breathe in and out. Take a deep breath and feel the benevolent presence; exhale and give that breath to your consciousness. Now ask questions such as:

Why is the life I desire still a dream?
Am I not in alignment with my dreams?

Is my heart not aligned to the true me?

You can choose any questions to ask your consciousness. Just remember, every answer you get is from your own consciousness and every answer you seek does lie directly within you.
Once you can clearly see what you want your reality to be, stay conscious as you transform your limited thoughts, emotions, and perceptions into perfectly aligned thoughts, emotions, and perceptions with your dream life.

Using consciousness as your power, you can step into that new reality. Let it manifest into where you really want to be, then celebrate – because it is real within your mind.
Everything you desire already resides inside of you. Let these desires vibrate; feel them within you. Join together the new with the old. This becomes the new you, ready to unfold and expand throughout the universe. It’s always time for an exciting adventure.



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