When you stop to think about all the cancer causing agents we live with – pesticides, body care products, and the environment (to name just a few) – then it shouldn’t surprise you that increased rates of cancer and other illnesses are prevalent in our world. While mainstream medicine likes to strongly suggest that radiation and chemotherapy are the only means of treating cancer, some people know that cancer treatments exist that can also cure some cancers.

Rick Simpson has figured out how to prepare cannabis or hemp in a way that extracts the healing oil from the plant. For the best cannabis delivery, need to be contacted. This oil, used to treat cancer, is loaded with cannabinoids and is one of the best cancer and disease fighting treatments ever. If you are still unaware of cannabis’ medical benefits, read the great post by Missouri Green Team on this or articles on any other legitimate site. Although successful in his work, Rick also receives a lot of negative feedback from those in the cancer business who are threatened by his success.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a group of related compounds, including cannabinol and other active ingredients of cannabis, that activate the canbinoid receptors in the human body. People can click this over here now, if they need the best cannabis and medical marijuana.  Our bodies produce compounds called endocannabinoids that work throughout the body to keep us healthy, especially within our immune system. When our bodies are saturated with Phyto-Cannabinoids we are already in a body healing mode.

Cannabinoids in cannabis aid in this process. Cannabinoids can be extracted from hemp or cannabis; the only difference between the two is that cannabis will always contain a higher level of THC.

The medical use of cannabis makes it important to know about DMV 42 Zero. Cannabinoids help reduce cancer cells while having a huge impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. Not every strain will work the same way, but more and more patients are seeing positive results quickly when they use cannabis as a cancer treatment. Smoking cannabis does not have the same effect as eating oil or other parts of the plant in various food dishes. Heating the cannabis in this way changes the chemical structure of the plant, making it ineffective as a treatment option. Besides, smoking anything is not good for your lungs or your health.

Cannabis is a vegetable and can be used as such. This simple weed contains every dietary essential that we cannot synthesize: Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Essential Cannabinoid Acids, as well as hundreds of compounds that are anti-cancer. Taking cannabinoid as a supplement is not as effective as using cannabis as a vegetable, or food product.

Smoking cannabis will get you high and you will get 10 mg of cannabinoids. Eat the plant instead and you can increase those milligrams to 500 – 600, which increases your anti-oxidant and neuro-protective levels to healthier ranges.

Doctors researching cannabis and all the benefits of this plant have recommended that people make cannabis a part of their daily diet. It doesn’t matter if you eat hemp or cannabis, the level of THC can be minimized to alleviate the high. Smoking will always get you high, and does not offer the same benefits as eating or juicing this wonderful plant. When you think about cannabis as a vegetable that can be eaten as other vegetables, doesn’t it make more sense to consume the plant, rather than smoke it?

Source: Collective-Evolution

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