Break The Habit: Escaping Our Logical Chains

All too often in everyday life, we are met by phrases that imply knowledge that existed as a precursor to statements implying that things are done a specific way, and because of that, it will happen to you that exact same way. When assumptions are made about the way that things should go, or the way they should be done have effects on the way that we perceive the world around us. When assumptions are made about things like statistics, polls, or comparisons, it’s not safe to say that logical thinking is occurring.

What if we choose to accept different approaches to our lives from less logical and more creative viewpoints? How much different would our lives be if we took them from a more realist stance about the research that has shown, and instead had a different attitude and perspective about the ways that things are done- could our lives change for the better?

Albert Einstein once said that the intuitive mind is the most sacred gift, and the most rational mind a servant. He also said that the way our society exists honors the servant more than intuition and has forgotten about the gifts that it brings.

There is a great realization that occurs between two ways of thinking, whether it’s logical or creative thinking, and both have a place within the psyche. When things like walking, driving a car, or eating food are done, the mind logically finds it beneficial, but when broader approaches are taken into consideration, like human interaction-ism and communication or jobs and making money, or even dating and relationships and a person’s outlook on life with problem solving- the effect is astronomically more advantageous assuming we live the lives that we truly desire.

In our society, it’s not uncommon to try and follow your dreams but to be looked down upon, and it’s no wonder that many give up on their overall goals and ambitions to settle down in a relationship they don’t enjoy, or work a job they hate for worldly things like insurance and 401K- people do these things more often then not to meet a status quo. They settle down because they can meet the agendas of others, because logic and the world view tells them that that’s what they should be doing to be fulfilled and happy.

The world is not restricting us, and in essence, we place the restrictions that we have on ourselves, with our expectations. If we believe our experiences to be true, then if we simply expect to live the life we want, we should be able to. The single most debilitating emotion that we face as humans. Whether it’s a fear that we have or something else- there’s always something holding us back from our goals, and when fear is disguised as logical thinking, it has a terrible effect on the soul. It runs asunder in your mind, making you feel like life is risky, or that your goals are lofty or unrealistic.

True creative thinkers avoid these trains of thought, instead feeling completely in control of their lives, and expect success because their always trying to grow as people. The expectations and beliefs that they have will be manifested into their outer reality. Logical thinkers understand that things don’t always go as they plan or as the data has shown, and creative thinkers know that they world is truly filled with limitless potential that has the ability to change the way that life operates for people to change the way that they approach their lives.

The important thing to realize is that the universe wants you to be happy and in love with your life, but it also needs you to simply be. Your gifts and talents in the world are unique to you, and you alone, and it’s up to you to figure out what they are. When you do, you will truly be a gift to humanity.


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