The 9 Signs It’s Time To Detox Your Life

Somehow it has become the norm that of you aren’t living a life while being stressed, exhausted and generally weighed down by the burdens of existing, then there’s something wrong with you. Isn’t that crazy? We seem to take pride in the fact that everyday we are exhausted and every year feel ever more hammered into the ground as expectations and demands put upon us intensify.

Consumerism has a large part to play in this.People work harder to acquire more possessions, accrue more debt, and spiral into a circular existence of consumption and stress, the one always feeding the other. Sure we may have a high standard of living – we should count ourselves lucky we don’t live in caves and need to hunt to survive. But is that standard of living really what we want; wouldn’t we be happier with a more balanced life where we have the time, energy and enthusiasm to enjoy our time on this planet?

As much as consumerism has a major role in making us unhappy, there’s plentyof other warning signs thatdespite how happy we might like to project ourselves, the truthis rather different.

1. Negative People

You’re not the only one who might be finding themselves projecting negativity. Even subconsciously people project through language, mannerisms, body language and character toxic energy that is a damaging force upon us. People who are judgemental, critical and over-demanding of us need to be removed from our daily lives.

Of course this can be difficult – but it can be achieved. Simply stop contacting them, avoid their company and pay no interest in their daily affairs.

2. Learn To Budget

Overspending and falling into debt is incredibly stressful and a constant source of toxic energy in our lives. Constantly worrying about how to balance the books week to week, and ‘borrowing from Peter to pay Paul’ behavior with credit is a horrific position to be in.

On the other hand living within means, and even saving a little for a special treat is the exact opposite. It helps us feel in control of ourselves and detached from the financial heartache around us.

3. Neglecting Our Body

Eating toomuch/little. Drinking too much. Taking drugs. Skipping sleep and breaks. Often feeling unwell. Lacking concentration and general sense of fatigue. These are just some of the symptoms of someone who is neglecting their body – and therefore themselves. Exercise and a healthy diet must be a feature of a happy routine, as too should regimented work, rest and play times. These are all issues that we can fix ourselves, regardless of any outside pressures.

4. Purge Clutter

How many times have you ever struggled to find something only for it to be buried somewhere in a pile of junk someplace? If you answer yes or too many times – it’s time to dump the junk. Getting rid of useless stuff that we accrue over our life is recharging, and causes a break with the past and a severance from the negativity of over-consumption. A minimal life is an easier, much lower stress one.

5. Literally – Disconnect!

There’ll be plenty of people reading this who have only known a world with internet, mobile phones and information constantly bombarding us from all angles. Of course these techs are amazing and have revolutionized existence – but they are also absolutely everywhere!

Try and set a cut off time or at least limit the amount of time using technology. Leave your phone in a different room turn off the tv and read a book or head out for a walk. Being online 24/7 means that essentially we are never alone, that takes us to out next point:

6. Find Some Alone Time

Solitude is a beautiful thing, and should be treated as important as our morning shower as a part of a healthy daily routine. Even just a few minutes to relax and de-stress allows us to compartmentalize our thoughts, calm our bodies and soothe our minds.

7. Focus On One Thing At A Time

People think being able to multi-task is a good thing. It isn’t – the brain is physically incapable of doing more than two things at once to any degree of standard. All multi-tasking does is inflict stress and chaos upon us, even when doing simple tasks that are a breeze when done individually.

You may think you’re saving time, or being more efficient. In truth all you’re doing is mentally exhausting your body with unnecessary stress. Focus on one thing at a time, and marvel at how well you do them.

8. Feel Your Spirit

If you are religious, then make sure you take the time out to fit it into your daily/weekly routine. It allows for a degree of introspection and a period of time to contemplate life and feel in touch with the miracle of our very existence on this planet.

Atheists will reap exactly the same rewards by meditating or even just star-gazing. Taking time to feel a part of your tiny presence in this vast universe is very centralizing and a great means of bringing emotion into check and purging the nonsense toxicity that day to day life flings at us.

9. Work – A Useful Evil

People often use what we do for a living to define us – and our perceived status in the world. Hopefully after reading the above you will see how ridiculously negative that attitude is, so if work is being an overwhelmingly bad influence – change it. If you cannot change job, try to at least shift the environment – swap department or shift working patterns


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