8 Emotional Patterns All Human Beings Should Avoid

Human beings always have a tendency to beat themselves up over things that they had done in their past, which causes them to repeatedly carry around aspects such as guilt and embarrassment almost as if it were a giant bag. More often than not, that bag is put down and all of those worries are released; however, not long after, they are picked right back up again, with more stressful worries added onto them.

Here are eight of the most emotional patterns that we, as humans, should work hard to avoid as much as possible.


Shame is our ego’s way of dictating our actual worth. It works hard to recreate stories from our past and causes us to get stuck in situations that are extremely uncomfortable. The only true cure for shame is for you to be as authentic as you can in all of the gifts and power that you possess.


This is a pattern that can make itself known whenever you feel that something should belong to you, yet it doesn’t. These expectations are the main things that fuel jealousy, which is a behavior that is nothing more than child-like in nature. If you really want to be successful, it’s important to learn how to be happy for other people rather than being jealous of them having things that you may not have. When you let them excel in the moment, you’ll discover that you will be able to obtain peace of mind by helping others.


What can hurt us the most are the things that we are never able to fully grasp. It’s no secret that regrets can be extremely dangerous since they are longings of impossible things that we either did wrong or didn’t do at all.


Resentments are similar to regrets in the sense that they are built upon unapologies of previous events. You will never be able to change what has previously taken place; however, you will be able to make things happen right in that very moment.


Criticism is often seen as a form of self-sabotage. Anytime you judge another person, you are doing so because you don’t necessarily understand them. Typically, this is the result of aspects such as ignorance and the fact that you feel that you should be in complete control of everything. If you truly wish to be free from judgment, then you must be willing to not only make peace with all of your own choices, but you must also accept that you will never be a perfect person.

Unforgiving of Both Yourself and Other People

This is one pattern that is absolutely huge to consider. Forgiving other people for doing wrong will allow more room for freedom; however, the longer you continue to hold on to angry emotions, the more you will only hurt yourself.


At some point in our lives, we tend to reach a point of no return. Sometimes, we start to shut ourselves away from the world and constantly worry about everything. Needless to say, depression is something that can hit anyone no matter who they are. The best way to overcome something like this is to obtain professional help in any way possible.


Fear is one of the biggest emotional patterns that can seriously paralyze us and essentially hold us prisoner. On the other hand, we won’t be able to have courage if we don’t have fear within us. When we utilize fear in the right way, we will be able to successfully gather strength; however, we must also remove fear in order to fully see the truth.


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