7 Ways To Start Thinking Like A Creative Genius

To be effective at your job, you need to be creative. Creativity today is no longer the domain of espresso-drinking poets, musicians who dreamed melodies in their sleep, or scarf-wearing sculptors. You can cultivate creativity on your own using simple techniques. Here are techniques on how to be a creative genius to be successful in this knowledge economy.

1. Spend Time With People Beyond Your Field of Work

Creative solutions don’t appear out of nowhere. One way they come in by combining two or more creative ideas in surprising ways. As Matt Ridley once said; creativity is what happens when ideas have sex. Mix with other people beyond your field of work to increase your chances of stumbling upon creative solutions. Strategically expose yourself to new people and fresh perspectives.


2. Have An Alone Time

You may have heard that someone got his/her best idea in the shower, during an evening commute, or on a business trip. Well, it was when they had an alone time thinking. Being along fosters creativity. When alone, our minds wander, and mind wandering is a creativity catalyst.


3. Change Your Working Environment

Research suggests working in a different environment like a coffee shop boost creativity. A University of Illinois study 2012 found that not too loud noise in coffee shops prevents our minds from being too focused and keeps our thinking at a high level.


4. Leave Challenging Projects Incomplete

Don’t hurry to finish challenging projects so you can move on to the next task. By intentionally stretching out assignments that require insight, you will later on think like a genius. Avoid completing an important task in one sitting, try leaving it incomplete. Doing so will encourage you to continue thinking about it in settings outside the office environment. In the process, it will more likely make you find connections you weren’t expecting.


5. Work in a Messy Desk

If you want to generate novel ideas, work in a messy desk. According to University of Minnesota study 2013, people working in a cluttered environment are more likely to produce nearly five times as many creative ideas. And according to creativity expert David Burkus, a messy desk forces the mind to consider seemingly inappropriate ideas, making new idea combinations more likely. Even Albert Einstein supported this point when asked why his office seemed disorganized. He said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”


6.Try To be Happy in the Mornings at Work

Studies have shown that being happy has a deep effect on someone’s creativity. By being positive and happy we tend to think more broadly and free up valuable mental resources to explore novel ideas. So, practice happiness at work, especially first thing in the morning. To heighten your mood at the beginning of a workday, think of three things for which you are grateful for. Spend about 60 seconds thinking about those things. This will improve your mood instantly, making creative insights more likely.


7. Have a Run Before Lunch

Exercise has an influence over the way we think. In fact, exercise fosters creative insight as it flirters our mood and opens us up to new ways of thinking. When feeling stuck, take a 15 minute walk around the office. Or use that office treadmill.

Creativity helps us do better what we do in life. Creativity is not something magical, so embrace these tips to achieve and improve creativity.


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