7 Ways To Keep the Drama In Your Life To A Minimum

When you are not honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama.”- Eckhart Tolle

Everyone has a little drama in their life, however some people have a knack at attracting the most drama-filled moments. You might be a recovering drama queen, or someone who sweats the small stuff so much that everything is a crisis. The overwhelming feeling that drama creates does not have to be permanent. You can take many steps yourself to keep the dramatics at bay. There are people out there who have used drama to grow, while others have allowed the flames to take over their life.

The Tiny Buddha Facebook page was happy to pitch in their own thoughts, and ideas on how to minimize drama in your life. Of 183 responses, I think a pretty well rounded guide has been made.

  • 1. Recognize when you might be creating drama.

You attract the kind of image you portray. Drama can often come from the reaction you have in response to other’s actions. You have to slow things down, and ask yourself if it really matters in the long run. Some people have success simply by calming themselves on the inside. You must also consider if you are the one creating the drama, as well as what the pay off for yourself is. You could be seeking out attention or excitement, or simply are completely used to the chaos. Once you know what you are looking for, you can find alternative solutions to produce the same results.

  • 2. Change your perspective.

A wise commenter said, “be happy about the little things, let the big stuff go because I can’t change any of it.” This is the base of reality, that we do not control any of it. Some people simply zoom out mentally, looking above themselves at their life. This can be a highly effective way to determine how small and unimportant the situation truly is, and you’ll realize that, unless the situation will matter in a year or so, that it’s really not that important or worth worrying over. It is important to step back every once in a while, and really look at the situation. It can keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and like you’re in too deep. When you step back, you realize that this isn’t permanent, the feeling nor the moment. Then you can focus on what you can control.

  • 3. Don’t feed into other people’s drama.

Many people will calm themselves down without other’s validation. The best way to react is to not react, whether its positive or negative reactions. Choose to be calm and collected, as many people will be relaxed by that.

  • 4. Reconsider unhealthy relationships.

Take into account the level of stress that certain relationships can cause, and take inventory of the people in your life that leave you feeling stressed out and unhappy. You don’t have to complete nullify the relationship, but minimizing the amount of time you spend together can cause a change in your life.

  • 5. Be clear and straight with other people.

Being honest and open is the key to commuinication. A lot of drama stems from poor communication, and it can be remedied easily. Simply find the courage to say what you mean, and mean what you say. While it can be hard in the moment, it can save a lot of heartache in the future. It will also let others know they can be honest with you, preventing them from holding things in until they explode out in negative actions or words.

  • 6. Don’t label everything as “drama”.

Occasionally, what we feel is drama is really someone reaching out for help. Instead of immediately judging a situation, and calling it good or bad, focus on being a friend in that moment. When you walk away, simply let the drama go. A lot of drama we experience comes from the way we interpret the things we are around. It is easiest after the moment to dwell on it, but its better to walk away.

  • 7. Learn from the drama.

We often feel powerless against the drama that happens, and have difficult removing ourselves from the cause. However, every time you find yourself in a situation that apears overwhelming, there is the opportunity to take from the experience. You can use it to learn how to deal with challenges better, because life will always have hectic problems that we are desperate to control. If we can’t learn to ignore them, they might have the ability to teach us.

Hayli Harding
Source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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