7 Behavior Modification Techniques To Unlock Your Inner Self-Confidence

Success, both social and economic, is fueled by the power of self-confidence. Whether you want to impress an interviewer, win a client or land a date, self-confidence is essential. Some are naturally born with it, but many others have to learn how to build theirs up. In the following paragraphs, we detail confidence-building techniques for those needing them.

1. Remember your better qualities:

Rather than fixating on your negative qualities, make a conscious effort to focus on your most attractive attributes. On a daily basis, you should list what you most admire about yourself.

2. Exude confidence through dominant body language:

Confident people generally express it outwardly in their body language. Trick yourself into feeling more self-confident by emulating the body language of confident people. Avoid slouching, crossing your legs and the tendency to ball up in public. Instead, open up, take up more space, hold your head up and stand tall.

3. Speak with a strong voice:

Try to speak more deeply and loudly, drawing air from deep in your chest to better project your voice. Consciously practice this until it becomes second nature.

4. Establish a powerful mind, body, spirit connection by practicing the Eastern meditative arts:

Practice Eastern meditative arts like tai chi, yoga and the martial arts. This will increase your mental acuity and develop links between your inner mindset and your outer physicality. Ultimately, this will help you put your new confident mindset into action and promote personal growth.

5. Take some risks:

Confident people take risks. Practice taking risks, starting with less costly ones and moving up to those that are riskier. Attempt to talk to new people and gradually move on to more challenging things. As you take more risks, you will gain the confidence to try new things and move beyond your perceived limitations. This conscious behavioral modification will eventually become more ingrained subconsciously and you will begin to naturally behave more confidently.

6. Listen to confidence-inspiring music:

Find songs that motivate you to become more confident. Then, whenever you need a quick mental energy boost, repeat those songs until the desired effect is achieved. The motivational energy of the songs will psyche you into feeling powerful and confident.

7. Watch inspiring movies and television shows:

Watch a movie or show with a strong and successful character that you can identify with. Imagine yourself as that character, overcoming obstacles and successfully achieving your goals. In this way, you can develop a positive self-image that will empower you to persevere in your endeavors.

If you employ the aforementioned techniques, you can train yourself to become more self-confident. Consciously change your behavior, observe other confident people, repeat beneficial behaviors and copy those of successful people, and eventually you too will become confident. Watch motivational films with strong, confident characters and listen to music that lifts your spirits. These films and music will reinforce your new behaviors and help to better define your emerging self-image.

Although you may have been born with low self-esteem, you do not have to stay that way. Employ these seven tricks and experience the transformation for yourself.

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