6 Stupid Things Most People Think Are Important

In today’s world, many people think that a lot of things are important. But often times that is not the case. Here are the six dumbest things that people think are important. Hint: most of them should not impress you.

1. Well-known Brands.

For many years, people have been fooled into thinking that having expensive material objects will make them look successful. Having the desire to have expensive brand name things can cause people to constantly be stressed out. This is because they are constantly trying to get more things to make them look more successful. Often times they become obsessed with buying these items, that they often forget what truly matter in life. For instance, they overlook taking the time to build intimate relationships, pursuing their passion, and enjoying life.

2. The amount of friends you have on social media.

There are lots of people who like to brag about the number of friends they have on their social media accounts. However, only a few of their social media friends are actually their friends. If you are one of these people, keep in mind that it is way more important to have a few true friends. Even if you only have a few of these true friends, you will know that they really care about you. Having superficial relationships with hundreds of people is no way to go through life.

3. The amount of money you have in your bank account.

Acquiring a lot of money is not enough to fill your life with joy and freedom. The vast majority of people are constantly trying to get more and more money. This is because they believe that having a lot of money will make them feel good about themselves and that they are living the dream. But in reality, they will end up feeling disappointed and empty, once they discover that money is not the key to happiness. Instead of trying to get ahead by focusing on money, try to succeed at things that truly make you happy.

4. How busy you are every day.

Most people think that they are important when they are constantly doing things every day. We tend to forget that having a busy day every day of the week leaves no time to relax. Not having the time to relax both our minds and body can cause us to become very stressed. This can cause you to experience physical or emotional exhaustion. It is okay to take some time off to relax after a busy week.

5. Power you have over other people.

We have all been brought up in a competitive society. This means that we have been taught that our self-confidence depends on our superiority over others. Being better than everyone else also gives us a sense of personal success. Surpassing everybody else can be detrimental to friendships. All this power can make you feel alone, but it is only superficial power.

6. The number of people you have slept with.

Growing up in a culture where it is hard to form intimate relationships, means that we have started to substitute love with sex. Since we have become obsessed with sex, we miss out on finding a true love connection. So no matter how many people you have slept with you will still find yourself wanting more. This is why it is important to stop searching for a new sex partner and start looking for someone to love instead.

Life is short, so you should stop getting caught up in stupid things that only have temporary meaning. Instead, spend time doing things that truly matter to you.


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