6 Crimes Of Nature That Take Place On Factory Farms

Family farms aren’t always as sweet and innocent as they are portrayed in children’s books. In fact, some are cruel places that break mother/ offspring bonds, breed animals into mutant like parodies of their ancestors, and practice other crimes of nature. One farming magazine offered this tidbit of information, “forget it’s an animal.” As a result, factory farms have become nothing more than institutions that have little regard for the animals, workers, or the environment.

These farms even harm humans who eat their products thanks to using any means necessary to grow the biggest animal fast. This has resulted in increased levels of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

  • Newborn Chicks 

In what is one of the most horrendous videos you will ever see, newborn chicks can be seen being fed into blades in a horrific process known as maceration. Why? They were born male and obviously male chicks will never become laying hens. Thus, they are useless. This is something the egg industry fails to mention when they dispute the mistreatment of grown hens that has been captured in so many videos.

After these videos were released, Mitch Head, United Egg Producers spokesman stated to the Associated Press, “There is, unfortunately no way to breed eggs that only produce female hens. If someone has a need for 200 million male chicks, we’re happy to provide them to anyone who wants them. But we can find no market, no need.”

  • Mutilations Led by Greed

Animals are subjected to senseless suffering during their lifetime on factory farms. For example, animals are often stuffed together in a small space over their own waste. While they are two weeks old, chickens are “debeaked to prevent cannibalism and feed wastage.” This is according to an online guide for chicken growers. Debeaking, whether total or partial, is the removal of a chicken’s beak using a hot laser or knife while it is fully conscious.

Pigs are treated no better. Pigs are born with the innate behavior of biting off each others’ tails off when faced with unnatural conditions. To solve this problem, farms resort to tail docking. This mutilation involves using pliers to cut off their tails with no painkillers.

Cows also frequently have their tails docked, as well as have their horn buds burned off without any painkillers. Sheep are subjected to mulesing, the removal of their hindquarter skin. Birds are detoed, declawed, and have their combs removed. This is being done to living, breathing creatures who can feel everything.


  • Veal and Bob Veal Calves

In the dairy industry, male calves are only needed to keep females pregnant and producing milk. As a result, calves are sold for “bob veal” to slaughterhouse. In the event male calves aren’t sent to slaughter, they are placed in crates too small to move in to be marketed veal products in the future. This senseless and brutal treatment involves taking newborn calves from their mothers immediately after birth.

  • Courageous New Animals

Have you heard of epigenetic dysregulation? This causes up to 90 percent of cloned animals to die. An astounding number of animals die senselessly to make one surviving clone. The surviving offspring “tend to be large for their breeds, and often have abnormal or poorly developed lungs, hearts, or other affected internal organs (liver and kidney) which makes it difficult for them to breed or maintain normal circulation and metabolism.” Referred to as Large Offspring Syndrome, this is documented in an FDA report.


  • Fast Growth Diseases

Farm animals that lived thirty years ago are a far cry from those seen today. Selective breeding and growth producing chemicals have made animals so large that factory farmed turkeys can barely walk, much less fly.

Chickens grow so quickly that if they were human they would weigh at least 500 pounds by the time they turn 10. This frantic growth makes them susceptible to “flipover disease.” The unnecessary metabolic strain results in sudden death. Pigs given ractopamine, a growth drug that is illegal in many countries, become so muscle bound they can barely move. An article in Rolling Stone reported that visitors to factory pig facilities are required to wear biosecurity suits because “the immobility, poisonous air and terror of confinement badly damage the pigs’ immune system.”

  • Marine Life is Not Exempt

Currently production of the AquAdvantage salmon, a fast growing frankenfish, has been stopped. However, there is little doubt that greed will prevail in aquaculture just like it has in factory farming and production will eventually resume. Created by crossing a wild Atlantic salmon with a Chintook with an ocean pout, the AquAdvantage salmon reaches its full size in half the time it normally would. While the creators of this frankenfish state it’s no different than other fish, this is not the case. Aquadvantage salmon have high rates of infections, jaw erosion, and low glucose levels.

Abra Gordon
source: Waking Times


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