5 Ways To Find The Master Within

When you realize there is a vast amount that you don’t know, it will spur your consciousness on a journey to become the master instead of the student. Because the teacher was once a student, you can take solace in the fact that through your dedication and steadfastness you can achieve the same. There are some things you will begin to notice as you transition from one to the next.

1) There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge.

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

When you are a student, you will read others thoughts and ideas. You will try to memorize them, store them in your brain, and try to understand what they mean. You will have favorite teachers who communicate to you in special ways you understand. There will be a belief in their words, simply based on who they are.

As you move from student to master, you will be able to form your own thoughts based on experience. Beginning to live the teachings and incorporate them into your life on a deeper level is a sign of maturity. Life is going to provide experiences that will help you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

2) Understanding and relying on their own intuition.

Students are constantly seeking the approval and validation of others. They lack confidence in themselves, that their decisions and their knowledge are true. When a student learns they can trust in their own self, they will become the master. Of course, the further you progress on your journey the more wisdom you will find. Learning to rely on the idea that you will have the wisdom you need when you need it is the mark of mastery.

3) Egos are unpleasant.

Sometimes, the want for more knowledge and wisdom overcomes our natural innocence. When wanting to know more becomes the most important thing, people can develop over inflated egos and over think things. This can lead to smart, intelligent individuals with lots of knowledge, but they are not the kind of person most get along with. Being seen as superior can overshadow the need to be kind. Many of the most popular and well loved spiritual leaders are so because they are kind and full of love towards others.

When you stay mindful to the fact that love softens people, you will understand why love for others is necessary if you want to become the master. It can create a level playing field, neutralizing knowledge and transforming the world into a better place. The master knows love is the ultimate truth.

4) Understanding concepts can not be known or taught.

“One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.”Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

You will grow to understand the greatest irony in life; when you stop searching for more understanding, that is when you will finally find the greatest understanding. You can learn as much watching nature happen around you as you can speaking with a spiritual leader or sage. Life will become something precious to experience, a mystery to watch unfold, rather than this great puzzle you must figure out.

Complete liberation is finding that all your facts, while interesting, are inconsequential. When you begin to see the joy in life, your experiences will become deeper and more meaningful.

5) Any path will work for someone.

“I have abandoned all particular forms of devotion, all prayer techniques. My only prayer practice is attention. I carry on habitual, silent and secret conversation with God that fills me with overwhelming joy.”Brother Lawrence, Zen teacher

When you finish a journey, you wouldn’t spend all your time looking at the path you took. You would rather be present in that moment, seeing where your adventure brought you. When you realize the path wasn’t as important as the destination you will understand there are many other paths that lead to the same end. Some will choose different paths than you have. This doesn’t make them wrong or you right. They might have made their choice based on personal beliefs and situations, making that their best course.

When you shed the idea that there is only one true way, you will realize there is no wrong way to achieve wisdom and understanding. Leaving behind this mentality will help you further transition from student to master. As you work on these principles, incorporating them in you life and simply memorizing them, they will help you find the master within yourself.

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