5 Types of People to Keep In Your Life (And 5 to Avoid)

Throughout life, you will meet many people and these people will have different personalities that are both positive and negative. It is a good idea to invest in time with people that will help you achieve your goals and enjoy life in a positive way.

5 people that you should keep within your life

The cheerleader type

This type of person will motivate you through out your life and will cheer you on by giving you encouragement to continue following the dreams that you have. When you feel depressed, they will bring light into your life.

The connector type

This person will be incredibly connected to many other individuals and this magic personality trait will help you develop and reach goals that you have set out for yourself. They may not have all the answers but they will know the person that can help you.

The teacher type

This type of individual will act as a mentor and will teach you things via examples to help you observe and acknowledge in a conscious way. The teacher will act like the Yoda within the group.

The therapist type

This person will be able to analyze your secrets and your fears without any judgement and will be able to see through your actions and your words. They will be able to analyze you and bring forward the things that you have not considered.

The comedian type

This type of person can turn any situation into a joke and will help you to laugh at yourself in serious moments. They will allow you the ability to step back and see things in a different way.

These type of people can be great in our lives but there are also people that will give off energy that is toxic.

These are five types of individuals which should be avoided

The gossiping type

This person will talk to everyone about you and will talk about everyone else to you. They will be draining emotionally and will also be toxic.

The complainer type

This type of person consistently lives in a world of drama and feeds on attention that is negative. They will often feel sorry for them self and will look at life in a negative way.

The super agreeable type

This person will agree on absolutely everything that is done and everything that is said. They do this because they seek approval, but in a way that is hypocritical.

The pessimist type

This person will always be a killjoy and will feed on doom and gloom. They will often be resentful, angry and bitter and love to feed on anxiety and fear.

The know it all type

It can be great to know someone who knows a lot about the world but then there are those who come across as an expert of everything. However, the facts are often wrong. They may also make you feel stupid at the same time.

Focus on individuals who will bring out the best in you and avoid others who will absorb your emotions in a negative way and you will enjoy life more.


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