5 Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

It goes without saying that your heart is the busiest organ in the body. It is continuously working even if you are asleep. The heart pumps of the blood inside your body to reach muscles and cells of all your organs. The heart needs to pump so that the oxygen, blood and nutrients will be properly transferred to all other vital organs of the body. Therefore, we need to keep our heart at its optimal power. Otherwise, its functioning will be impaired which will put our overall health at risk. The following are some healthy practices that you need to follow to keep a healthy heart:

  • 1- Workout

reasons-to-exercise-300x200Workout and exercise is the right form of preventive solution for the heart anomalies. Working out for half an hour is very beneficial to your heart. Each person spends thirty minutes of exercise every day feels the daily change in the performance. These exercises should not be very tough on your body, they are only meant to keep an average of regular activity. Moderate intensity exercises keep your heart healthy. One indicator that your exercise is just moderate is that you will be feeling shortage out of breath while exercising at this moment exercise allows your heart to pump more blood and oxygen to the other parts of your body. When you workout regularly you will make your heart able to function at its optimal level.


  • 2- Fruits and vegetables, the best for the heart

aaa17-300x177Alter your daily meals of fruits and vegetables. It is also recommended that you place larger quantity of vegetables on your dish during meals. This is to ensure that you will eat more vegetables than any other foods on your table. Similarly, try to put your fruits at your disposal and keep them at sight in any noticeable place around your house. When you put them inside the fridge they lose there freshness and you don’t eat as much as you should. Therefore you need to put fruits in an approximate place to encourage your appetite to eat them regularly. The vitamins and essential elements that are abundant in fruits and vegetables help protect your heart from oxidative damage being induced by free chemicals. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers that prevent radicals from destroying enzymes and protein in your body. Thus, people who eat less fiber become at risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

  • 3- Be vigilant about your salt consumptions

sodiumThe body requires a regular amount of sodium everyday because is an important mineral that helps regulate the blood volume and pressure in the body. It is also crucial for the fluids balance inside the blood vessels. However, nowadays, the consumption of Sodium (salt) is very high due to processed food and the high level of salt in meals. Many people today are consuming sodium more than the required rate. The high level of sodium in blood increases the risk of coronary heart disease, kidney and gastric diseases, cancer and stroke.

  • 4- Avoid toxins

651_655_1-300x171Toxins are very dangerous for the body especially for vital organs like the heart liver and kidneys. Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and prohibited drugs are huge sources of toxins. These bad habits should be reconsidered and stopped the sooner the better. Because they can, certainly, put your heart at a dangerous risk. Nicotine and alcohol have contradictory effects on your heart. Nicotine plays a stimulant act that increases your heart rate. It demonstrates a symptom of stress and anxiety. On the other hand, alcohol acts as a depressant which functions the opposite way when compared to nicotine. Both elements should be reduces and their high level in blood should not be tolerated anymore.

  • 5 – Reduce stress

ra-stress1-253x300Stress has a very negative influence on your heart. You need to find what creates anxiety and depression in your life. Once you recognize the source, you have to opt for efficient ways to reduce them in your daily life. Too much stress is the main reason behind your feelings of anxiety, depression and may be the cause of serious diseases. Manage your daily schedule effectively. Be surrounded with positive people. Ignore pessimism around you. Irritations to your heart have a psychological negative effect. To heal this, you should take enough time to laugh and spend happy moments with your loved relatives and friends.

by A. Ouyidir

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