Everyone should not know your life inside and out, as you may know some people may spread to everyone the inner details of your life. So, it helps to have personal details of your life kept a secret rather than sharing with anyone. Most of the time if you let people know inner details of your life it leads to disappointing results. There are things that you need to keep secret from everyone to ensure your life runs smoothly without people gossiping about you and undermining you.

Here are most important things that you need to keep secret and try as much as possible not to let anyone know and share with others.

Your Lifestyle

Don’t discuss with everyone details about your personality such as sex life, overcoming a bad habit, religious life, etc. And nobody should not concern him/herself with such things about your life. Don’t expect to share such personal information with people or engaging in an emotional discussion with people about such details and expect you will be praised. Instead, people on knowing such personal details will use them against you and start undermining you.

Your Inner Thoughts

Don’t express your thought to everyone. How you feel about certain things, especially sensitive issues, should remain your private thoughts. Avoid sharing your inner thoughts about sensitive issues and topics with anybody. For example, your inner thoughts about other people’s religion, life and death etc. To some people it may elicit diverse and unfriendly reaction when you engage in a discussion with them. Take it that your thoughts are private and are not gospel truth. You may get into a confrontation with people who don’t agree with your thoughts if you choose to openly share your inner thoughts, especially on sensitive subjects.

Your Family and Friend’s Dirty Laundry

It is unwise and also disrespectful to start discussing with anyone negative stories about your family members and friends. It depicts a negative picture of you as someone who doesn’t value the life of your family members and friends and as someone who can’t keep confidential matters to him/herself. Furthermore, such stories are usually spread quickly to other people bringing damage to your family, friends and you. Whenever issues or problems arise at home or between friends, they should always be solved within the confines of home, and with loved ones who care and don’t hold mischief.

Your Goals and Plans

Guard your plans with due diligence until you achieve them. Avoid sharing your goals and plans with anyone as people tend to be jealous of other people’s plans and goals especially if they realize that you are going to become more successful than them. Furthermore, people can steal your ideas and work on them better as they may have the means and capability at the time while you lack.


Avoid the tendency to every time publicize your generosity and charitable work. Of course doing charitable work and being generous uplifts the society and contributes to development of people and society as a whole. But it is more of value to you when you do not seek recognition. Publicizing your generosity and charitable work tends to showcase you are boastful and people will start thinking that your intention was to seek recognition and become popular. You earn greater value when you help people and remain anonymous.

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