5 Daily Habits To Adopt For A Positive Mind

There are some simple ways in which you can train your brain to think in a positive manner. Negative is all around and can impact the way in which a person thinks. The brain is programmed to respond to negative stimuli.

There is a reason behind the negative stimuli. Our ancestors had to deal with danger and learned to respond to this stimulus. There human mind has a complex way of working. It is one way to explain why our thoughts are so negative.

We can program our minds to reduce these negative thoughts. There was some ways to train the brain to think in a more positive manner.

Here are five ways to help you begin to think positive…

1- Start a gratitude journal:

Writing down what you are grateful for will make you happier and keep you more motivated. A journal can increase your attention, energy , and enthusiasm.

This study has shown that a gratitude journal has 1. Psychological benefits 2. Allows you to think you are better off then others 3. Appreciate the small things and actions in life. Gratitude will make you more appreciative of what you have in your life.

2- Repeat positive interactions:

This will help change the way in which the brain thinks and increase a positive mood. Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz did numerous studies on this. People need to rewire the brain though affirmations. They have a bio chemical and neuro chemical effect on the brain.

There is a four step method to create positive affirmations:

-think about the area of your life you want to improve
-write down a list of these improvements
-write positive statements for items on this list. Write down what you want to focus on.
-post them around your home and read them often

3- Hang around supportive people:

Positive people can help change your way of thinking. They will help to empower and motivate you.
The brain is wired to hold onto negative events. People mirror those around them. Positive people will help change the way you look at things.
Do not hang out with negative people. They can slow down your positive progress.

4- Ignore negativity and negative thoughts:

Keep in mind negative thoughts will happen during the day. Negative thoughts are part of our impulses.
You need to know and realize the negative thoughts and work on having a positive outlook. Just ignore the negative thoughts. Do not rationalize them. The more practice you have with this the better and easier you will know these thoughts and be able to ignore them.

5- Be active:

The brain tends to over think things. Exercise is one of the best activities to stay active. It releases endorphin which is responsible for a happy feeling. It is like a natural anti depressant.

There are some other benefits of exercise for the brain:

– Allows the brain to get more oxygen which improves functioning
– Releases hormones which provide nourishment to the cells of the brain
– Stimulates brain growth
– Improves memory and learning
– Reduces the chance for brain illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia


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