4 Characteristics That Make You A Reincarnate

There are several theories that try to explain what happens to you after death. One of them is reincarnation or reliving in a different physical body after death. This spiritual belief explains that people may reincarnate for different reasons. It could either be to seek revenge or to offer help for others. While this may seem far-fetched, there is a ton of scientific evidence that proves reincarnation is real.

However, the real question here is: How do I know I’ve lived another life before? Well, there are different ways to find out. You could see a hypnotherapist or simply review some of your characteristics that may suggest you’ve existed before this time. Additionally, here are four signs that will tell you if you’ve lived before.

  • 1) You’re a Sherlock Holmes When It Comes to Personalities

If your perception about people’s characters is extremely good, especially after you’ve only observed them for a few minutes, chances are that you aren’t new in this life. This comes about because all along you’ve interacted with hundreds of people such that you can easily tell people’s archetypes.

Apart from telling people’s characters in a non-judgmental way, you’re also good at filtering lies from truths. You notice all the subtle characteristics of liars that you’ve seen many times before.

  • 2) Solitude Is Your Best Friend

Lonely isn’t the term you can use to describe yourself. You simply love being alone. A night spent staring at the moon alone would be far better for you rather than singing into Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” at a friend’s party.

The reason behind this is overt too. Your first time in this world taught you that life is like a game that you have to play in order to achieve maximum comfort, but after living life multiple times, you’re hesitant to play it with vigor as others do. True, you may still hang out at social events, but the satisfaction others get from such things isn’t comparable to yours.

  • 3) Fitting In Is As Difficult As It Sounds

Have you had too many awkward moments in your life where you felt out of place when everyone else seemed okay? Well, it could be that in your past life you had already tried switching to another character that didn’t quite complement you.

Thus, any attempt of trying to become someone you already tried to be will feel unnatural. People also find your conversations a bit complex and awkward, and you always feel like walking with a “How to live” manual.

  • 4) Your Soul Isn’t In The Mainstream Category

More than often, your intuition on most things is usually remarkable, and people around you seem to notice this about you to the extent they seek advice from you. For you, however, you simply have an unexplainable understanding of the challenges in life, and this may be the reason why you came back to this world.

After living more than one life, you have a great appreciation of virtues like introspection and patience. Equally, you can quickly learn most things because your soul had already experienced it. You also possess a certain level of comprehension especially with things regarding life, and this can be evidenced by the way you quickly grasp what the challenges in your life are telling you about yourself. While most people seek fame and riches, yours is about growing spiritually.

All in all, there are plenty more characteristics of a reincarnated being, but I believe the four that we’ve looked at are the most common ones. However, if I missed any, you can inform me in the comments section.

David Whitely
Source: Spiritscienceandmetaphysics


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