3 Steps To Take Care Of Your Chakras

Sometimes you have difficulty concentrating, feeling as though you are being held back somehow from achieving what you want, or feeling heavy or overwhelmed by life. When you feel like that, it is your chakras that are being affected. Chakra is a term derived from Eastern metaphysical theories of Ayurvedic Indian Medicine. Chakras are seven major spiritual centers of your body. They are wheels of energy that communicate with certain organs and glands, including physical, mental, and emotional states. Stress makes the chakras to get clogged with heavy, unwanted energies. That’s why you feel tired, stuck, mentally foggy, overly emotional, and run down sometimes.

To help you out of such situations and feelings, you simply have to clear out unwanted energies to allow the chakras to function optimally once again. Here are ways to clear unwanted energy, but first let’s look at how to determine whether your chakras are blocked.

Know the Pattern that Created the Issue in the First Place

You will have the power to take control of your state by determining the patterns that caused the issue in the first place. Sit down and think of  the area of your life that you feel stuck in, the points of the day that you feel most overwhelmed, whether you experience the issue when in the company of others or alone, whether the issue arises when with your spouse or at work. Meditate on these questions so as to have a clear perspective on the issue you are experiencing.

Link Back What You’ve Meditated on to Specific Chakras

After you have finished meditation about the cause of the issue that’s triggering your emotional/physical/mental stress, link it back to specific chakras. Below are listed various chakras and the issues that each chakra deals with:

  • Sacral Chakra – affected by issues of sex, money, power within relationships, creativity, etc. Its color of association is Orange.
  • Heart Chakra – affected by issues centered on self-worth, lack of love in close relationships, heartache, self-love, etc. Its color of association is green or pink.
  • Root Chakra – affected by issues with self-identity, security, family, stability, etc. Its color of association is red.
  • Throat Chakra – affected by issues on individuality, lack of discernment, self-expression, block expression, etc. Its color of association is blue.
  • Solar Chakra – affected with issues about power and the world around you, your perspective on your ability to change the world, victimhood, feelings of helplessness, etc. Its color of association is yellow.
  • Crown Chakra – affected by issues about life purpose, lack of inspiration, relationship with the divine, etc. Its color of association is violet.
  • Third Eye Chakra – affected by issues about intellect, difficulty accessing intuition, ability to see truth or refusal to see truth, etc. Its color of association is Indigo.


How to Clear the Chakras

Once you have determined the Chakra that is associated with your specific problem. Next step is working to cleanse it or them. Mindfulness is one of the primary means of cleansing chakras. Mindfulness or mediation is a great daily tool to use to help keep your chakras at optimal health. And it only takes a few minutes and it is very easy to do during your morning routine when you wake up or during a break at work.


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