11 Methods for Healing from Emotional Stress

Anyone who has lived on this earth for a while now has probably had to deal with his or her share of experiences that are emotionally taxing. Often it becomes overwhelming, which is understandable. It is unfortunate, however, that approximately 26 percent of individuals in the U.S., who were surveyed during a recent poll by Harvard Opinion Research Program researchers, are currently living with elevated stress levels. You could benefit from some simple coping mechanisms if you are one of the people that are in that 26 percent.

11 Methods for Healing from Emotional Stress

1) Meditate

Meditation can serve as a healing method while also helping you to escape situations that prove especially stressful. This escape can help you through relaxation and recovery, two things that you quite possibly don’t get enough of if you are under undue stress. Just arrange to make some meditation time in your everyday routine. And, remember that, most importantly, meditation can place you in a deeply tranquil state by rewiring your brain, so it just might be your very best way to de-stress.

2) Discuss Your Feelings

These days, most people feel that expressing their feelings is a sign of weakness. There is another side to that argument though. Discussing your feelings can make you a stronger person due to the fact that it shows that you are comfortable with your vulnerability and can swallow your pride by admitting that you could be in need of help. Asking for help and discussing negative emotions shouldn’t make you feel bad and most people would probably be happy to lend their support.

3) Starting Over

You should give yourself permission for a new start if you feel that you have gone through enough pain to warrant a fresh start. So, wiping the slate clean and starting over could mean reinventing yourself, a move to another city, ending a relationship that is toxic, or finding a new job. Don’t stay stuck in the past when you could become whatever you desire.

4) Accepting Your Emotions

Don’t fight your feelings. What you resist persists, so accept the fact that you may have been instrumental in creating the stressful situations in your life. Accept your emotions and deal with them.

5) Commune with Nature

Spending time outdoors and reveling in all of Earth’s natural beauty can relieve stress, too. Mother Earth has given us so many awe-inspiring wonders and they just need to be appreciated. So, start today by appreciating the warmth of the sun, the oxygen provided by trees, and they way that bees pollinate the plants and flowers.

6) Exercise

Regular exercise is a good way for redirecting your energy in a beneficial manner rather than directing it in a way that isn’t positive and therefore causes emotional stress.

7) Feel Good by Treating Yourself

Getting a massage, taking a vacation or baking yourself a cake could all be things that make you happy and remove stress, but you haven’t done them in a very long time. So, remember, you deserve it, especially if you’ve recently had to deal with some kind of traumatic experience.

8) Removing the Source of Stress

Spending a little time by yourself to evaluate your life and ponder on what could be changed to remove stressors and control your emotions could be just what you need. Some changes might have to be made, and it could be somewhat painful at first, but the end result could be a calmer less stressed life.

9) Put Some Fun in Your Life

Whatever it is that you really love to do, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, or yoga, or some other activity, just do it. Make time for them in your daily routine. This will serve to keep your mind off of stress while making your heart happier.

10) Pain is not Permanent

We could not know pleasure without some suffering. But, emotions do not last forever. You’ll get through it, so just let it run its course and wait for the storm clouds to turn to sunshine.

11) Forgive Everyone, Including Yourself

We’re all really hard on ourselves, expecting perfection and failing to perceive how it could possibly take so much time for the job of healing from our past. So, forgive both yourself and anyone else who has caused you any pain in your life. Love them and yourself and then move forward on your emotional recovery journey.


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