10 Things That Turn You To An Unhappy Person

Ultimately, you become what you do. If you have bad habits that you are constantly repeating you are essentially taking away from your own happiness. There are several habits known as happiness stealers that many people have. Here are ten of them…

  • 1. Focusing on others instead of yourself

Everyday we hear how other people are so happy and so successful that sometimes we tend to focus more on their success stories than we do our own. We tend to get caught up in other peoples lives. Doing this affects our own lives. Instead of focusing your attention on what has made other people successful or happystart focusing on what can make you successful and happy.

  • 2. Waiting for that perfect moment

All too often people try to wait for the perfect moment to act. They want the time to be right. The sad truth is the moment may never be perfect or right. Waiting to act is actually a form of procrastination. Perfect does not exist. The right time may never come. If there is something that you need to do don’t wait or hesitate to do it. Waiting for that perfect moment is hindering your success and stealing away from your happiness.

  • 3. Working for nothing more than a paycheck

Working is an essential part of life. If we do not work, and do not bring in a paycheck our families will struggle. We won’t be able to pay the bills or put food on the table. Our attitudes regarding work make a lot of difference in how happy we are at work. When you’re working for nothing more than an paycheck you can easily burn out and become very dissatisfied. Love your job for what it is. The pay is the reward at the end of the week. If you don’t have a job that you are happy doing perhaps it’s time to make a change.

  • 4. Harboring feelings of hate and resentment

In life there are going to be people who do us wrong. When someone hurts you more often than not it will make you feel feelings of anger, hate, and resentment. These types of feelings will not hurt the one who hurt you. However, they will eat you up inside, stealing your happiness. To live a happy life it is very important to let go of feelings of hate, anger and resentment.

  • 5. Holding tight to worries and fears

Worry and fear are two of the biggest happiness stealers there are. Worry is a thought pattern. It repeats itself again and again causing you fear and anxiety. Worrying solves nothing. Fear will only hold you back. Every time you begin to worry, or fell fearful, deliberately push the worry and fear thoughts out of your mind. Replace them with positive, optimistic thoughts. The more you do this the less you will worry, and the less fear you will feel. After a while you will find yourself to be a much happier, more content, person.

  • 6. Dwelling on difficulties

We all face difficulties and hard times. No person on this earth is exempt. When you are faced with difficulties is can be easy to think about them constantly. Dwelling on difficulties does not make them go away. Dwelling on them will only stress you out and steal your happiness. When faced with difficult times it is a much better idea to dwell on finding a solution to your difficulty rather than the difficulty itself.

  • 7. Constantly seeking fleeting contentment

There are two types of contentment that we can find. The first is fleeting contentment. This is the type of happiness that is gained from shopping, drinking, drug use, etc. It lasts only a short time. The second type of contentment is enduring. This is the type of happiness that lasts. An example of enduring contentment is marriage. When you seek fleeting contentment your happiness will be short lived. It is much better to seek longer lasting forms of happiness.

  • 8. Tying to make a big difference all at once

While it’s a very good thing to want to make a difference you have to remember that no one person can make a big difference all at once. If you try to change the world in a day you will become overwhelmed and frustrated. The best thing that you can do is to realize that every little thing you do makes a difference. Day after day those things add up and eventually the change you make will be a big one. Trying to do it all at once will steal your happiness away. Being satisfied with doing a little at a time will restore it.

  • 9. Holding on to someone who hurts you

Whether it be a friend, or even your spouse, holding onto someone who hurts you is a serious happiness stealer. Sometimes we need to realize that it hurts less to let the person who is hurting us go than it does to hold onto them. Some people are very hard to please, and will find fault no matter what you do. It’s not your fault, it them. It’s just who and how they are. Stop letting people who hurt you steal your happiness. Rid your life of them. You will be so much better off.

  • 10. Focusing too much on physical appearance

While it’s okay to want to look nice, focusing too much on your physical appearance can actually steal your happiness. There is no reason to become obsessed with how you look. It actually tends to lower your self esteem because you are constantly criticizing and judging yourself. Seeking attention from others for your physical appearance is a form of fleeting contentment. True happiness comes from within, not from what other people think, or say.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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