10 Strange, Everyday Facts About Our Modern Society

Have you watched the news lately? Feel-good stories are far and few between. Instead, what you will likely see when you turn on the evening news is death, conflict, illness, war, and strife. Drama and despair may sell, but what is shown on the television, published on internet websites, and plastered all over social media is very telling: our world has been turned upside down, and we are living with a very strange kind of “normal.”
There is a very popular quote from Michael Ellner that expresses this to a “T.” Ellner once noted that things were now very backwards, adding that, “Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality, and governments destroy freedom.” Sadly, this is a very powerful truth.

In our own lives, we do much the same thing. We destroy what’s on our path, we take no prisoners. Even with the best intentions, it is almost a conditioned response. Still, for the majority of the population who is free-thinking and honest, isn’t it time we took back control of our actions? Can’t we exhibit the bold determination that it takes for change? Our world deserves a more balanced existence, and by learning from our past and our current thought processes, we can make a difference and make a change.

Here are a stunning list of 10 facts about our modern society that we actually consider to be normal:

1- Parents are expected to raise their children as stand-up members of society, yet so much financial pressure is put on them that they cannot be around for fundamental stages of their child’s development.

2- War, which causes death and harm, is honored as a protective aspect of life and liberty. Love and compassion, on the other hand (which embraces life and is the source of why we long to protect it), is often ridiculed.

3- Almost every year of a child’s life involves being at school, where much of the time they memorize facts and skills that have no benefit for them – when instead they could be learning skills more applicable to their individual strengths.

4- Inventions which are truly innovative and useful can be “protected” by the forceful invoking of restrictions, restraints, and prevention of use by those who really want to use it or modify it to make it better.

5- Water, air, food quality, our environment, and our local neighborhood relationships – all basics of a thriving society – hold less value in our country than the economy and money.

6- We divide the land of the world up like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and then we fight over them.

7- If a man or woman has the right title, it’s okay to kill someone (“Soldier”).

8- Millions of innocent animals are unnecessarily tortured and killed each day for experimentation, clothing, and food.

9- The economic trading system that has become the norm encourages the death of millions of people annually.

10- Worldwide, those who are religious believe that their God, gods, or god-story is the only “real” religion and ultimate truth – even though there are thousands of different religions in the world.

How Would You Make the World Different?

If you could make any changes, what would your world look like? Our world desperately needs a makeover, and during this time of transformation, really solutions are in demand. Share your ideas and suggestions for improving our world below, because we are running out of time.


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