10 Reasons Why You Are Making Life More Complicated Than It Has To Be?

In today’s complicated world, many of us have completely forgotten the true purpose of living. Instead, we live everyday involved in a constant barrage of chores, duties, and work that have left us unhappy and complaining about how difficult life is. Are you guilty of making life harder than it has to be? Consider the following statements to decide.

1. You can’t relax because you are constantly rushing all over the place every day of the week.

A hectic schedule is one of life’s biggest stressors. However, because you are the one who created this crazy lifestyle, you are also the one that can change it. You control the time you have. It’s time to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. Life isn’t meant to be a constant race to get things done before you die. You’re here to live, learn, experience, and grow.

2. You talk down to yourself daily.

How you talk to yourself is a crucial determinant in how everything else in your life goes. If you are constantly belittling yourself, there is a good chance your world will be in constant shambles. Everyone has flaws and fears, so stop putting yourself down because of them. Talk positively to yourself. You deserve it!

3. You buy things despite not needing them.

According to a report prepared by the American Psychological Association, money is the primary cause of stress for Americans. Living above your means is simply an abuse of power that will only intensify the stress you are feeling. It’s time to learn to walk away from the things you simply do not need.

4. You compare yourself to others constantly.

Constantly comparing your life to those around you will just leave you bitter and jealous. Everyone take a different path in life, but this doesn’t mean you should feel inferior based on how other’s live. The only person you can compare yourself to is the most current version of yourself.

5. Fear guides your decisions.

As we age, we develop numerous fears, such as not making enough money to survive, other’s opinions, rejection, and failure. Telling yourself that fear exists in our minds will slowly dissipate your fears and allow you to start living a happy life again.

6. You dwell on the negatives.

Living in the past will always set up back. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you in the past and leave these memories behind you. Dedicate your energy toward things that you can do to make a better life for yourself. No, you can’t change the past, but you can change the way it impacts your present.

7. You aren’t honest with yourself.

The longer you try to avoid the things that are bothering you, the more powerful these things become. To be happy, you have to face your demons and work through the pain instead of trying to find your way around it.

8. You are incredibly concerned with what others think.

In life some people will love you, while others won’t. If you dedicate your time to trying to make those that don’t like you realize your worth, you are doomed to a life of disappointment. Validate yourself.

9. Your goals involves the phrase “I’ll start tomorrow.

You want to be on vacation, but you don’t have the money saved up to do this or you want to start your own website, but you lack the time you need to dedicate it to you. Procrastination makes your goals considerably more unattainable as time progresses. Today is a good day to start living for today.

10. You live your life thinking about future events instead of worrying about the here and now.

Putting all your faith in future events causes you to miss the things that are going on around you, something you can never get back. It’s time to create your own future and adopt an attitude of gratitude about your current situation, instead of placing all your happiness on further events.

By: Abra Gordon


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