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Witchcraft And Its Impact On Our Society

Witchcraft is a practice that has been in existence since time memorial and its impact has been evident in our communities instilling fear amongst the society. Witchcraft has been heard of where religion tries to relate certain occurrences to it. On the other hand, paganism is directly related to it as both lead towards bad deeds and this is the reason persons practicing witchcraft were punished.

There are a number of symbols that are looked at to symbolize witchcraft within different communities. While certain taboos and labels are said to be identified with this practice, the key objective underlying this practice is not addressed by many. Accusations have arisen of witchcraft but many a times, these accusations are made evident through jealousy and unsubstantial disagreements in the society.

While many hear about witchcraft, the question remains, does this practice really exist?

Turkey and its neighboring countries still hold to the belief of protection through the Ancient Egyptian Evil Eye-Protector who seeks to protect individuals from acts of jealousy or the very opposite acts of desire. These individuals may choose to protect their homes or individuals by placing these charms in the home or are worn as amulets by the individuals including children.

The Christian African setting comes with many beliefs. Whether the person instigating the belief is looking to make some quick cash or there is other reasoning behind it is all up to the majority to decide. The fear for evil plays a major role in making belief as noted in various communities.

Witchcraft is said to cause disease in humans and animals, bad luck, sudden unforeseen death alongside other misfortunes. Witchcraft has been associated with the Christian faith as its origin due to the fight between good and evil.

Religion has had a hold on its followers and due to the fear installed in them over what may happen the faithful have tampered with the true message and sought power and money from their followers. This aspect has also been adopted by witchcraft and works similarly to send fear to communities.

Witchcraft is looking to take different faces ad while some communities dress in a certain way, others are noted to avoid clothing to take on this practice. This goes into explaining that it is not in the materials that you look at but in the purpose of what witchcraft is all about. The rest lies in the using of the energy around us to their on advantage to create fear in people.

There are individuals who are new to this practice and the impact it comes with. The following are six signs that may indicate the practice being in you as an individual.

1. You make wishes that often come to be the power of your tongue is manifested in your ability to make a wish and it turns out to be true. Many a times, the intention was not obvious but the outcome is manifested.

2. You and nature are one the sudden urge to prefer nature is a sign. You get comfortable and feel at home when you are outdoors with the trees or alongside the rivers. The city is a total turn off for you as it seems empty.

3. You have the ability to define the truth and lies from an individual this is unintentional on many occasions. Other than just defining who is telling the truth you also tell others of their occurrences without prior meeting them. You are also in a position to detect a lie by mere instinct yet the outcome is a reality.

4. A normal career is not a part of your goalsWhile others study and want to work within a defined career path, you find that a waste of time. You also believe in people working so as to help others and not rip them off.

5. Your past is most likely dragging along your present this  category of people will make true their dreams and sometimes illusions. You get to experience what your mind has already swept through. For example, you may have had a dream of being in an enclosed area with certain characteristics to describe it. While you thought that it was just a dream, you get to experience exactly the same sometime later.

6. You are psychic you always make the right “guess” about stuff. Others may look at it as a mere coincidence but the likelihood that you can tell a neighbor that the phone is going to ring before it does cannot always be a mere coincidence.

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